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  1. Hey, I'm looking for a new pixel art program to use. I've been using Piskel for a while, but it doesn't have as many advanced features as I'd want. I've already browsed the list of programs in the post above, but the labeled features are pretty broad. I'm looking for a few specific tools & functions, and I'm hoping someone here knows a program that can achieve at least one of them. I'm looking for a program that can:

  2. you probably wont like this answer, but photoshop could do it

  3. Actually they dont even need pixel art. They just think its easy enough to ask me for free stuff to post in their profile for fun.

  4. just state matter of factly that they are wrong and art is hard. then stop wasting energy thinking of them. if they ask again just reply with "money"

  5. literally anything 3d is possible, in almost any 3d tool.

  6. I prefer reddit to look like hacker news. I want text, the whole text, and nothing but the text.

  7. i prefer it to look and act like a modern website

  8. I'm on reddit to read text, so a barebones UI is preferable. It looking like a modern website would get in the way of that (this is also why I love firefox reader mode, strips out all the crap and gives me only text).

  9. Well I exclusively follow image-based subs because I find all text-based ones to be based on opinions and assumptions.

  10. I will open all presents every day, so add me if you want XP. I will probably not send you any presents since i don't live near a stop and it's cold outside.

  11. could you please not just post one word guesses as if they're fact? you don't have enough information to make this decision, and you're not adding any useful information.

  12. Right? Amazingly, I recognize the cobra with an 8 ball one from my own pog collection as a kid. That had to be everyone's favorite, right?

  13. I don't understand how there wasn't a POG resurgence like nearly every other 90s collectibles.

  14. especially with how cheap they should be to manufacture

  15. This poster has stolen many artworks and has posted multiple times on here, can some mod just ban this guy

  16. that's exactly what happened to me. 10m was my goal. now I'm at 40 and still afraid to spend it

  17. the lighting sucks, there's hardly any. it's so gray and im. even if there were texture you wouldn't be able to see it

  18. if you wanna play indie games, you better learn to like pc 😁

  19. i hate that this existed but either not at my local one, or it was just before my time (i think i got my n64 as a handmedown)

  20. Petition for a new flair called "pixel-painted". This is not computer generated, but I had to choose a flair. :)

  21. could you tell us a bit more about the process?

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