1. I can't help but think about how Volk almost lost against Ortega. I think Islam is a lot lot better than Ortega, which means unless Volk puts him away early, I think he is gonna get choked out.

  2. Ezequiel Avila RB is a good shout maybe, was pretty good for me when I used him a while ago. Then maybe look to upgrade as you go along.

  3. Last year I saved all of them because the year before there was a abc which needed them for really good packs, but that never came last year so I'm not sure what to do. I've kept them so far anyway as I've had enough fodder for everything I needed. Maybe keep them unless you really need some for sbcs, but the fut champs upgrades are not worth it anymore for sure.

  4. Nothing to play for atm and they buffed the rewards so the math checks out.

  5. Be patient, don't rush it right away as I think it happens only when you spam it right away. Wait for a sec or two and it should be fine.

  6. He was actually solid for me, but since I got mid Cruyff I've noticed the difference. Still, he is a good all around striker, finished most of the opportunities for me. Used him in a 2 ST set up next to Ribery, but now I'm running riot with Cruyff and Ribs 🤣

  7. I despise this gk animation. When did this become the standard, it wasn't like this the years before or am I tripping? Almost every shot from this sort of an angle results in gks throwing themselves in the opposite direction, which makes 0 sense..

  8. Funny thing is mine makes this animation even when I moved them to the direction of the shot. It doesn't make sense at all

  9. How does my guy have 10 shots but you have 2 saves (9 goals)?

  10. Look at page 2~ one would be an own goal bro

  11. oh you are right. Had me confused for a sec.

  12. I've had the same patch for couple of days, it was clearly the servers. Couldn't win and went like 3 in 20 in rivals. Come thursday, the game finally started feeling ok again, went on to win 8 in 8 in rivals, 10 0 in quali and 17 3 in wl. Weird.

  13. Are you playing on ps4 or ps5? If ps4 or old gen you don't have that "luxury".

  14. I still have the radar issues and can't take quick free kicks. Games still constantly lag and input delay is awful.

  15. I'm on old gen and I don't think the update has been released yet. Might be the same issue for you, not sure if ps5 got the update as well or just pc as they always get it first.

  16. I have ton of packs, gonna wait until all possible things are in packs and also until there is player pick or 80 81 82+ or whatever player upgrades to rinse the dupes in. Gonna be a long grind but hopefully worth it.

  17. Im shocked that ligue 1 is so low, feels like they get so many special cards

  18. Use artist chem style and use both his left and right foot for perfect through balls. He has SO many assists for my - almost every situation like this.

  19. Gonna try finisher for a few games just to see if agility and balance boost do something different. Might try artist after that!

  20. Jairzinho is a must do, especially before zidane. His dribbling ball control is broken.

  21. I wanted to do Zidane first as I just recently started playing the 4321, hence I needed that one attacking cm to round the team up. Chiesa OOP as right forward atm, he is the longest serving player for me atm so probably the next upgrade anyway.

  22. The servers are shit as they've always been. Was so excited to try out Zidane after I did his sbc, he feels slower than gold Parejo atm.

  23. I have him and World Cup Vieira and they’re class together!!

  24. Same here. Set until tots unless something big pops up!

  25. At work occasionally checking in to see if app is up again.

  26. I've gotten 17 wins with fairly decent Dutch squad couple of weeks back, but the post got taken down. I usually get 14-16 wins, once hit 18 as well. I think you have to be on top of your game and have enormous luck to win every single game. Best start I had was 12-0, after that every game felt like I was playing tekkz or something..

  27. tried a couple of rivals games last night, it was so bad that I just turned the game off midway through the 3rd game. Delay, passing, rebounds, tackles - nothing worked for me. Slide tackle on the ball? No let me slide into the player instead. Tackle, rebound to the opponent, tackle again ball goes supersonic out of play. Throw in, my guy just collapses on the contact, he goes through to the byline, I cover the pass, the player that intercepted the ball goes upwards on his own with the ball directly into the feet of the opponent who taps it in. I do a cutback and press shoot, my attacker makes a tackle and the ball goes by him. Had me cursing in languages I didn't even know I could speak...

  28. you guys care about getting 3 chem on every player way too much lol

  29. I don't mind players not being on full chem but it makes little sense that 4 of my players are on full chem with Wijnaldum in the team, but wouldn't be if I switched him with Zidane.

  30. I mean it depends on those players no? If they are Dutch or from Roma, what chemistry would a French midfielder have with them?

  31. It's because of the league, which of course has nothing to do with Zidane himself. But the point of the icons kinda are the links no? Or they used to be.

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