1. Bigger hole in the bag, more pressure, slower hand.

  2. So Spain is still in Europe right? There is tons of white nationalism in Mexico stemming all the way back to the conquistadors. Forgot 1619, lets talk about 1492.

  3. You clean under the couch every day huh?

  4. Then you probably shouldn't tell people what it's like to have kids or how to take care of them. I'll admit when I saw toys by weed it was a little knee jerk, but we have 0 idea of context here to be judging. For example, my wife and I have an old couch in our bedroom that is our vaping station. I'm positive you would find some weed under there, but my son (7, and has these same toys) isn't allowed in that room without us (or when we are using it). Further I have educated him that my medicine is bad for kids, just like he has to avoid adult drinks (as in white claws in the fridge) and anything from the medicine cabinet that we don't give him. I also leave my inhaler for asthma around, it wouldn't be a good idea for him to start using my inhaler, he's not asthmatic and doesn't know dosing, but he has been raised to know that would be a bad idea.

  5. My job involves looking after the safety and wellbeing of children. This wasn’t meant in judgment. I didn’t say they were bad. I have to take extra care to make sure I’m clean and clear before going to work. Do what you will, but don’t harm others.

  6. Remember the “Members Only” jackets. Most dads had them back then. A right of passage

  7. I just bought a sick members only x nickelodeon wind breaker. It’s dripping with nostalgia

  8. Life makes me happy and I love you so much.

  9. It’s destroying job markets like education. No one wants to sacrifice all day to enrich the public only to be out earned by a fast food worker with no degree.

  10. Thank you for posting them in uniform.

  11. Wait, Goofy is a dog? What the fuck is Pluto then?

  12. You’re right in the sense of we’re worried that he does this to every girl. However we want to know if it’s normal for them to give their numbers?

  13. You could try calling and asking him instead of Internet strangers.

  14. For every one wondering wtf this is about. This exercise is for initial letter sounds for the letter N. Given to emergent readers, usually kindergarten. Fin has a N in it but does not start with N. The student was instructed to write the words that START with N and only N.

  15. So I call out and get a week off? Sweet

  16. American law enforcement quite literally started as the Southern Slave Patrol. That fact alone should give anyone pause about trusting American cops.

  17. Facts they call CRT in the class room.

  18. These are probably different batches of beans from the farmer/supplier, too. Chances of these two cans going thru production at the same time are low. There is, however, a high chance these cans came from the same bean factory.

  19. What is happening is the salt is creating a hypotonic solution and the cells in the beans pull in water and swell.

  20. I’m not a doctor so I’m just guessing, but this looks like Prader-Willi syndrome.

  21. Can confirm, ADD and also do this. Happens more so when I’m feeling manic.

  22. Gatorade is a glass bottle? They haven’t sold glass since the 60s

  23. That’s interesting that before it was the Clark fork, it was hellgate river

  24. It's called "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" off their Danger days album

  25. Pfft, this is obviously the Batman theme song from the seventies

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