1. It's pretty cool how they recognize them as memes

  2. I have a lot more that it doesn't recognise, since they get saved in the camera folder. Apparently I have five thousand images on my phone, and probably most of them are low resolution cat pictures.

  3. I've seen people fix issues like this by verifying the game files, so try that.

  4. I may have met my evil twin, it turns out we're both the evil twin though.

  5. Just because he is at a golf course doesn't automatically mean it's a golf cart.

  6. I think it was probably just a regular flying car, since they have those, there's no real reason it would be the time machine

  7. Doesn't make much sense if you think too much about's a flying car, it should have been able to take a lightning strike easily as flying cars do fly in bad weather as we clearly saw.

  8. Maybe they have a lot of lightning rods, and are very good at avoiding it or something what with how good the weather people are, idk

  9. Once of my favourite Hpmor configurations, it was my favourite for a while.

  10. What I find more unbelievable is the fact the guy KNOWS someone 70 years ago paid for the package to be delivered to a specific individual and he’s not freaking the hell out about it! I know he wasn’t there initially, and it’s not like this was going to some address… the instructions were obviously to deliver to a “Marty” standing in the middle of a street that didnt exist yet (they are several miles outside town and in 1885 it’s unlikely there was a road/trail in that location). The whole thing is just kinda played off like a joke considering Marty exclaimed the doc still being alive And read aloud the that the Time Machine was struck by lightning all within perfect earshot of the courier…

  11. He doesn't actually say time machine, he just says DeLorean, so it would just be kind of confusing since that word wouldn't mean anything to him.

  12. Brave potato stops the second rise of the British empire with their orphan sidekick.

  13. To all the "won't remember" responses... If some random guy showed up when I was a teen and set me up with my future wife (or destroyed my bully standing where it totally reshaped my life), I would certainly remember him, his looks and his demeanor.

  14. I think the main thing is that they never saw seventeen year old Marty for the first time, they've seen him grow up bit by bit since he was a baby. Sorry, this is hard to explain.

  15. Dw, I hear all aperture science tech remains safe up to two thousand degrees Kelvin. All that expensive equipment your carrying will be just fine! :)

  16. "To me, crazy straws are just regular straws" - Ohio man

  17. Imagine if they did that to the teachers yearly too, just in case they change at heart or something.

  18. Especially not some duded up, egg sucking piece of gutter trash!

  19. I love in mgs3 when you said "It's oscillating time!"

  20. "Does it run on regular unleaded gasoline?" "Unfortunately, no. It requires something with a little more kick. Magic."

  21. The sweetiest sweetie pie that ever did sweetie pie Welcome to the herd! 😄

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