1. they do all that too if its a wonky design, but I use standard luggage bags so never needed it.

  2. wow thats expensive. I use to use amazon basics ka 3 luggage combo in a bright blue. It was 8k for all three suitcases.

  3. Oh wow. Okay, thanks! I'll take a look.

  4. Flew Air India 3 months ago on a similar route. Not as terrible as I expected.

  5. Hi, I'll be flying Air India soon and I had a question - did they check the length dimensions of your check in luggage during check in? The check in luggage page of AI mentions 62 linear inches as the limit, but I've mostly found bags that go up to 64/65 linear inches... Really confused about whether I should just buy a "large" check in bag or actually bother with the dimensions.

  6. You'll be fine unless the bag is very obviously oversized. No airline will actually measure the size.

  7. It’s been a while but I lived in School Lane and liked it. They were pretty inexpensive then and it looks like they still are. Pretty much everyone was a student. It’s a little further out but there was a shuttle that came directly to the complex and made it super easy. The walk really isn’t that bad though.

  8. Thank you! Yup, I've checked School Lane out but they don't have any apartments available at the moment. Moreover, they haven't mentioned any dates by which apartments might be available. I'm added to the waitlist though

  9. Yeah, I use Hoffman's method when brewing with a French press. What I've noticed is that if I try to pour all the way, I still end up with some fines. I'm working on it though. Thank you!

  10. I just think of fines in my cup like it’s pulp in my orange juice. ;)

  11. Try MS Estate or Barbara Estate if you like dark roast.

  12. It's too dark for my liking. And each of the two times that I got it, they were 4-6 months old. Plus no option for whole beans. Their dark forest is palatable tho. For your price range, you can look at devan's or caffena. There are few posts on this sub that has excellent recommendation for coffee that does not break the bank

  13. Came across this on Hoffman's Twitter, to be precise. Sprudge Media Network is a coffee publication. They hold these annual Sprudgie awards to recognise people contributing to the coffee culture worldwide. They have a nice website, check it out. I was just pleasantly surprised to see a familiar name there, hence posted about it.

  14. Here are a few vendors you can try to get your teas from(in no specific order)

  15. +1 for Gopaldhara. I've tried their Assam tea. It's really good.

  16. Thanks! I'll give it a try. Fingers crossed!

  17. Let us know how that goes! I'm looking for decaf options for a friend.

  18. Davidoff Espresso/Intense Aroma are good, I've heard. The espresso one is nice and not harsh, like other instant coffees. Although, if you want to try different flavours, adding syrup would be your best bet. Sleepy Owl has interesting flavours, if you want to try that out

  19. How do you figure that pre-heating steel is good whereas pre-heating glass isn't? Steel has a lower specific heat capacity than glass, so it leaches away less heat than the glass would. (Assuming your steel and glass containers are the same mass)

  20. But steel will quickly lose that heat, too?

  21. I’m applying to master’s statistics programs so I have a different process and perspective than you, but I personally would not submit the subject GRE score anywhere. What I’ve seen/heard is that it’s extremely hard to get high percentiles in the subject exams, and unless you’re top quartile it’s not worth it. Everything you submit should strengthen your application, especially if it’s something that’s optional.

  22. Thank you! I was just wondering if I would have any advantage over solvants who didn't attempt the subject GRE at all? Any thoughts on this?

  23. I still would not submit the score in your position. If you scored above a 75% or so you might have a slight edge over applicants who didn’t take the exam, but at below 50th percentile there’s just as good a chance that someone who didn’t take the math subject exam would’ve gotten a higher score than you if they did take the exam. Some schools take these scores seriously and could potentially exclude you for it or treat it as a weakness. The subject test is ridiculously hard, taken by people who are all highly knowledgeable about the same subject, and not an indicator of success in graduate programs. If you do a Google search for people in similar situations to yours, there are many threads with most people telling them not to submit. There are so many better ways to show that you’re a great candidate to programs. As long as the rest of your application is solid, I think you’d do better without it!

  24. Asking out of curiosity: met a guy who was boasting about owning 12 year old beans from Denmark and how coffee beans are "aged" to make them taste more acidic. Now, I'm just a beginner but from all the reading/YouTube (James Hoffmann) that I've come across, I've gathered that roasted beans are best consumed within 4-6 weeks. They start to go stale after that and the taste degrades. So, is there any truth in this "ageing coffee" thing? The guy comes off as a coffee enthusiast and has had coffee from various places around the world, so I wanted to know if there's something to this claim.

  25. Are French press grinds good for doing an amateur cupping session? I'm trying to introduce my friends to coffee and steer them away from instant, but I'm not sure if I'll face under-extraction issues. I don't have a grinder, so I'll be using pre-ground coffee

  26. You can grab a sampler pack from Blue Tokai .. think they allow you to customise your packs

  27. Is their French Press grind not optimal for FO brewing? Isn't Channi/pour over finer than the FP grind? Would it lead to over-extraction?

  28. Please find the pinned list in this subreddit. Try samples from different roasters. Enjoy.

  29. Yes, I've gone through the list but there are a lot of options at every roaster. So, it's kind of difficult to choose one as an example of a light roast, medium roast and dark roast. That's why I wanted to know of some tried and tested coffee. You know, something which is a typical example of the kind of coffee one can expect when one is buying a light roast or a medium roast.

  30. I was hoping someone would say it!

  31. Where can one find a replacement for the filters in a French Press? I accidentally left some grounds in the pot and the filters now have fungus on them :'( I tried cleaning it by immersing it in a liquid detergent solution and then going at it with a tooth brush, but some spots still look suspiciously black. It's

  32. A student faking fancy with a French press, guilty as charged! But the coffee does taste good. Won't call it an espresso though.

  33. Considering radioactive exposure is literally used to purposefully create new plant mutations to improve the fruits/veggies we eat, that makes sense.

  34. That's... not quite the same thing. Controlled radiation exposure in somewhat safe amounts vs uncontrolled exposure of large, potentially fatal radiation. Lab settings and Chernobyl outskirts cannot be equated like that.

  35. Hi, I've recently started using coffee grounds instead of instant coffee and I'm trying to figure out an efficient way to experiment. I am using a French Press (

  36. I have a general question. How do companies make sure that the roasting and grinding procedures lead to coffee that'll be able to replicate a previous experience with the same beans? Also, how does one decide whether beans from a certain are should be processed as a light roast, a medium roast or a dark roast?

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