(GME) Gamestop earnings. Let's take a closer look...

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  1. I don’t think gme has any connection to towel stock. If M&A were going through gme cash on hand would be way lower than $1.4B

  2. Are there any towel stock swaps in the cs now ubs bags along with those gme ones?

  3. If true why is their cash amount so high. If M&A went through I’d reckon it would be lower than 1.4B

  4. bought a few GME calls to get the gay bull experience

  5. The healthiest firm on wallstreet rn

  6. Short position do I hold in hope? or do I cover and take profit? Greedy little pigs hmmm

  7. Keep holding do it you won’t you soft

  8. Aaaaand here comes the short ladder attacks

  9. Bro it's done. Sell at a loss.

  10. OBV doesn’t matter that much alone… if it did stocks like BBIG would be passed the moon. Sitting at 52 week low price while OBV is sitting at all time high…

  11. Exactly why I picked up some. Eventually it will pop

  12. Make a point or an argument. I regret having put in the minute where I read your rant that is completely void of anything helpful. Which are the things OP made up on the spot, for example?

  13. I didn’t make up anything, they just simply said that gme tried something and it didn’t work so it must not work this time either, that makes no sense whatsoever. My “make believe” is an actual hypothesis that I learned while getting my finance degree that is fully capable of happening in this market. We will see time will tell

  14. I think so as well. Still trying to give them a chance actually to formulate an argument. Not sure, man. I think it's a battle against windmills...

  15. That’s usually how it is when talking to people against bbby

  16. My one thing tho is that Sue gove just said in their most recent filing they are unaware of a take over or anyone interested in doing anything like this with the company

  17. In one of the 8ks, I’m unsure where but a Reddit user replied to comment yesterday with a direct quote from it. Big trust me bro here

  18. The new TSO shows 335mn outstanding, which means 218mn common shares have been introduced. 335-117 (old outstanding) Which means the new shares represent 65% of total outstanding. Unless retail gobbled up all of it like a hungry pig, Its still a very sizable chunk of change.

  19. Doesn’t matter if they’re in the shares outstanding. Only matters if they are in the float

  20. Source is TD AMITRADE APP, no way to get source. So OC?

  21. Honestly with all these leaked and expected negative earnings coming out today I think it’s gonna be a positive one

  22. I believe the shares would still stand to be 900m shares, which is bugging me to think that just by bbby doing a reverse split would increase there profit by 10x after the split happens. i.e sell 900m shares at $0.80 or wait for split and 900m shares at $8

  23. Yea I just realized this too. Maybe bbby has enough in financing for right now they won’t need the other shares?

  24. I'd like to think so but it looks like massive dilution on the way at the end of the reverse split. Total issuable remains 900 mil and the conversion terms for preferred are still the exact same as pre-split. Directly from the 14A pg 13 continued effect on authorized but unissued shares:

  25. I was just thinking this, but what if the investor has a way of after the split instead of putting all 200M shares into the float would only do so much as to represent the current price it would be at after reverse split but I’m not sure. That is discouraging though after realizing this fact

  26. I didn’t say it was a bottom when I predicted 3 weeks ago we’d be at .75 cents

  27. Can we acknowledge one thing that I just realized. You know how this entire time were like the company doesn’t give a shit about the share price yadda yadda yadda, if the company didn’t care what the share price is then why did they

  28. Do you know how many are going to be generated from this bear trap🤯🤯🤯

  29. i am. i'm short 10,000 shares. it's been a good trade.

  30. If ubs can do what frc is doing right now for my puts that’d be great

  31. So I have an investment portfolio with UBS (I know I’m not 100% GME shame shame)…should I be worried? Lol

  32. It is in the Friday filing page 13. 335M shares outstanding. This isn't an opinion, it is a statement of fact.

  33. Shares outstanding isn’t the float. A company can have a billion shares outstanding but only have a float of 1M

  34. Lol I hope it squeezes for u man but I been hearing this for a loooooooong time.

  35. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I attempted to bring this logic to edm twitter and let’s just say those kids have zero braincells.

  36. It shows up as a liability to be paid on their balance sheets that how you would know how many

  37. But they can keep the details of those liabilities private, right? For example, I have read that Citadel Securities has over $65b worth of securities sold and not yet purchased, but I don't know of any way to get the deets on which specific securities are involved.

  38. Should be on their earnings report, but I have no idea

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