1. Honestly I feel like they’re getting better at most of the places here in Columbus. Never had more than a 20 minute wait at bloom or harvest.

  2. Same, the only time I was at harvest longer than 20 minutes was their anniversary sale. That was a mess lol

  3. sunny side is the worst for this. im getting ready now to go wait.

  4. I just moved to cinci & heard this from so many people so I just went to verilife instead. The Camino gummies I wanted were actually cheaper at verilife anyway ($24 there vs $30 at cinci, both ridiculous, I paid $20 at harvest in cbus). I was a new customer in & out in less than 20 minutes but it was a weekday morning.

  5. I mean recreational marijuana is great but iirc the proposed bill doesn't provide employment protection for even medical users iirc? Idk. I said I wouldn't vote for it if it didn't but I might end up voting for it anyway. Better than nothing I guess, at least until there's federal legislation (lol if that ever happens)

  6. And I'm aware we don't have protections now which is why I'm probably voting for it anyway 😂 our whole mmj program is effed

  7. Yes. I won't get TMI about it but I love it. I hate when I have to just use toilet paper. Even flushable wipes are annoying lol

  8. I don't really say "may" instead of "can" but I always say please and thank you (or thanks). I used to work customer service and I've learned please and thank you really do mean a lot (at least to employees lol)

  9. Personally I can't stand tampons lol. Only wore them once, when I went zip lining on my period. 🤦🏻

  10. You can if you want to dress up but it's definitely not expected

  11. Edibles regularly kick in for me 40 minutes to an hour after I eat one. The exact effect and timing can vary depending on what else I eat just before or just after having an edible. I have never smoked or gaped cannabis, I've only used edibles or tinctures. Personally I am very happy with them.

  12. Same, usually about an hour they're working. I repeat every 3 hours when I'm having a bad migraine. Usually 5-10mg THC per edible with at least the same amount of cbd

  13. Edibles work pretty consistently for me. I don't know if it's a metabolism thing or what.

  14. We need employee protection too , most jobs can drug test you and fire you if you're positive for THC, you're gone and thats if you have your med card so you are doing it legally...

  15. This. I'm not voting for legalization if it doesn't at the very least protect medical users.

  16. Honestly beta blockers are the only thing I took that had zero side effects. Didn't help either lol

  17. Thanks for sharing your experience! I've had migraines since childhood. My experience as a kid and teen was pediatricians are really reluctant to prescribe anything, but this was the 90s and then 2000s. Edibles for me work better than triptans, total game changer.

  18. Triptans worked for me at first, but only half of the time. And after some years they triggered nausea and dizziness, so they weren't an option anymore. I could only cover less than half of the attacks without risking overuse symptoms anyway.

  19. Same, triptans are pretty hit or miss. I was on sumatriptan but after being on that for a couple years it started to have too many side effects (extreme irritability, tiredness, stomachache, heart race). I have zolmitriptan now which isn't as bad. But yeah I can have only 4 a week so I don't get medication over use headaches or serotonin syndrome.

  20. I don't have personal experience but from what I've heard it isn't as harsh as smoking, it won't make you cough. I think someone told me it doesn't smell or the smell doesn't linger like smoking it will

  21. About a month for me but my docs always want me to give meds 3 months before quitting. Did your doc have you do a titration schedule? Topamax really ought to be titrated. For me the side effects are suppressed appetite and I can't taste carbonation anymore but I've been told that might come back lol.

  22. My titration schedule: 25mg once a day for a week, 25 mg twice a day for a week, 50 mg once a day and 25 mg once a day for a week, then 50 mg twice a day from then on.

  23. You do need a special doctor for mmj. This won't become a primary doctor. Just a doc you see to get your card and whom you see once a year to get your card renewed. So don't worry, you can still have your regular physician. In Ohio I went to Ohio cannabis connection, paid them the fee, and they connected me to a MMJ doctor. For me it was just phone calls.

  24. For pain my experience is CBD alone doesn't help, I do need THC with CBD. I do prefer a higher CBD ratio though. But I have migraines. And everyone is different so keep that in mind.

  25. I believe you are correct. Looks like any healthcare professional can access. This is mostly a problem for patients who are managing other conditions with controlled drugs (Ritalin, Xanax, opioids, etc.) and their doctor checks them out and won't write scripts anymore because they are afraid of litigation.

  26. “Health care professionals” go beyond docs.

  27. Anyway I didn't mean to start an argument but it is really troubling that people can't get access to their regular medication because of this. Someone should develop a MMJ friendly Dr database. I know there's a database for employers that don't test for THC. Reddit has a list of childfree friendly obgyn too. 🤔

  28. Semi related what other dispensaries in the area are there? I might be moving there from Columbus

  29. Only two others. Verilife selection stinks most of the time, crappy 15% discount for vets. Zenleaf seems to come & go on their selection. One day good with good prices, next day selection stinks and prices are up. Vet discount is 25%.

  30. The mood elevation I guess is part of the high? Migraines make me in a really bad mood, and my regular triptan medicine doesn't help with mood or the nausea like cannabis edibles do, so yes, I do enjoy taking my edibles lol. They make me light headed. But I already get vertigo with my migraines. And light headed is a side effect of my triptan as well. So you see the point I'm making - which medicine would I rather take, the one that treats the condition and makes me feel good and tastes good, or the gross pill that only helps a little bit and doesn't make me feel good. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk LOL

  31. My favorite is when someone suggests I do yoga when I'm in the middle of a migraine. I get severe vertigo during a migraine. Doing anything other than basic chair yoga (which doesn't help) will probably make me fall over at best and throw up at worst lmao. I cannot move my head around like that

  32. Migraine yoga videos always seem to involve moving the head upsidedown or something. Makes me nauseated looking at it 🤢

  33. Balancing with CBD is a great way to soften the psychoactive effects and CBD definitely helps my anxiety better than any THC product. My anxiety is also severe, and I've also been prescribed 2 anti anxiety meds as well, one of which I have all but eliminated with medical marijuana.

  34. The Camino pear is great for microdosing. Not enough THC for my pain relief but I think for a little anxiety relief they could be helpful so I second the suggestion. They also taste good. Definitely great if you're new to edibles.

  35. I like onederful juicy pear 10:1 gummies and Camino yuzu 1:1 gummies. I take them for migraines but I get anxiety & these also elevate my mood.

  36. For sleep I like Camino midnight blueberry. It has CBN as well as chamomile and lavender. No melatonin iirc. I also try to avoid that.

  37. Cut back to 600 a month. Fucking sales keep bringing me back in, haha.

  38. That's true for me for cannabis... Books... Clothes... Snacks... 😂

  39. Lol if my husband complains imma just show him some comments here 👀 "could be worse babe"

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