If it still isn't clear to anyone, the fact that two COMPLETELY unrelated companies have the exact same charts is CONFIRMATION that they are MANIPULATED THE SAME WAY, this is WALL STREET, this is the AMERICAN MARKET, THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU. BUY, HOLD, DRS.

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Steve Jobs wore Turtlenecks when announcing something big. Has Ryan Cohen just announced that he has accomplished something BIG here? The Titanic is sinking and RC knows it, is RC about to Carve out GME into GMERICA in order to stop the attacks on his company? credit Megatronus_11 GME sub πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ πŸ₯Š

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  1. The one thing I've been zen with the entire time since January was that people weren't leaving. That buy button being removed galvanized so many that I had zero doubt people wouldn't sell. Those of you that have multiple thousands or even millions into this that have held the entire time, you have balls of whatever the strongest material is and hands of pure diamond.

  2. Then deeper the hole they would dig for themselves.

  3. They've been digging for over a decade but GME is the pipe bomb dropped down their hole.

  4. I was thinking about this yesterday. I want to make a prototype keyboard with just the F3 key on it.

  5. Then they can button mash like I do! You're so thoughtful and considerate 🀣

  6. I thought the money hole was... You know what.. never mind

  7. I love this movie. I know what I'm doing tonight! Thanks OP!

  8. Yep, shame on me, I should have checked comments first, but thank you!

  9. We know this, they are using the ETF's to make a basket of all these meme stocks. The OG basket was probably used to it's fullest. Who knows the depths of fukery they are dealing with now though.

  10. The issue is GameStop was the only "meme" stock in these ETFs that are shorted over 100%

  11. Did you know that's illegal? It's illegal to set lethal booby traps

  12. Yea but, he's gotta be at least 84 years old at this point

  13. Yes! and some of the speculation as to why top execs form AZ were scalped.

  14. If you can't beat them, pay them to work for you to make something better. RC is THE boss. El Jefe!

  15. Possible confirmation that Ken's endgame is to get DeSantis in office so he can get a cabinet position and sell all his ill gotten gains tax free (this is the conversation they are having in the video and Chamath was the one to say it, then claimed that it was also HIS endgame... 🀑🌎πŸ’₯) This post not intended to politicize anything!

  16. It seems like they halted the crash 🀷 I doubt they can stop it though.

  17. Why do we have to rely on the legacy media to report these things. How is there not an official source that addresses market activity, instead of leaving it to bought and paid for legacy media tools. It is the height of naivety to think self reporting or unregulated sources can offer "reason and explanation" of something so opaque as the stock market and it's activities. I feel like the SEC should know every beat of the markets, and be able to pinpoint issues in order to resolve them.

  18. I don't discuss it. The people around me just simply don't care, though they should as they are far more financially exposed/invested to what's going on then I am. Every time I try to explain what some of the DD here has revealed, it's a futile effort. It's sad really, as it's mostly the older generations. They've capitulated their lives to their jobs, but don't care what others are doing with their retirements/savings. Sure, I've had family members set meetings to discuss their finances with their "financial professional," but none of them know what's actually going on, much less know how to properly handle it all.

  19. I should also add Xenogears and Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana

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