1. Dare I say worthy replacement?

  2. I’d agree. I feel like Beck acoustic would have brought the energy down.

  3. Do Aqara products still have a HomeKit only mode or do you have to use their app/servers?

  4. Are you talking about reaction time or actual raise/lower time?

  5. I have never had anything near that length, but my BLE hubs are really close by.

  6. Yeah I have a mini near every blind I have. Not saying that’s the fix but I guess I was just unlucky.

  7. This is not related to football, but does anyone know with volleyball games this year if they will be switching sides of court or staying on one side again?

  8. Only top level comment with any grain of truth and has the most downvotes. Maybe he could have handled it differently but his hands were tied by the NIL. I don’t blame Kayla at all.

  9. I expected it. I’m the biggest vb fan as they come but can’t be blinded by random.

  10. She’ll be playing with Kaylei Akana then. Already missing both of them!

  11. Not OP, but how do you find the responsiveness of them? I recently gotten them and they take a solid 20 seconds to respond. Not sure if mine are not working correctly or that should be the expectation.

  12. I would say that would probably be on the range of the BLE source.

  13. Is the picture disc vinyl supposed to be holographic? I thought it was just black and white?

  14. One side is black and white, the other side is colored.

  15. I’m a 🤡. I just got mind today and haven’t opened it. I just assumed it was black and white 😂

  16. Me thinks it’s more of a label decision and all that jazz compared to the band’s choices

  17. As someone who just moved to the twin cities this makes me so excited to be able to go cheer on Omaha!

  18. Not an improvement question per say, but what does the wiring look like in the background? I'm wanting to do something like this, but unsure if capable. Thanks!

  19. Could u guys keep me updated what they sing? Bummed I can't watch 😭🙈

  20. The Armory already has their suite/VIP seating for sale for the show, which includes admission.

  21. The tracking info won’t even load. Absolute mess and honestly a bit frustrated by it since I placed the order over a month ago.

  22. no kidding. I would think they would want to get it to their fans day of release...

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