Dog saves his kid from blitz attack

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  1. i am an addict in recovery. i’ve got almost 9 years clean. i remember being as young as 7 or so and liking that feeling of being dizzy too much

  2. bro got the stockx ornament on his pants lmao

  3. you did a good job that looks like the most difficult part

  4. nah bro i mean you doing something fishy lol

  5. Oh. Well, lets consider that I did nothing fishy then it has to be something else. What I thought was fishy is that the day this $1 bid thing comes out , I somehow “purchase” these for 7k. Also, considering that someone isn’t trying to obtain the sneakers themselves and continue without changing my address, who else would it be other than StockX themselves to obtain $1k in fees. This company is going bankrupt, getting sued and is laying off their employees every other month. My prediction is they are trying to cash out ..

  6. bro they can literally increase their fees by 1 percent and make so much more rather than jumping through hoops to target one user.

  7. how long before somebody coffee dips this pair lol

  8. I hate the current progression system as much as the next guy, but the main reason to play competitive games has always been ranking up. The rest is just extra fluff.

  9. that used to be my main drive as well even during overwatch 1 after i had all the collectibles but there’s no allure for me anymore, i guess is what i was getting at.

  10. I love when certain pairs have a memory for me. My last day of my honeymoon with my wife as were packing up ready to head home, i entered the draw on snkrs and caught a W. I’ve been gathering a few used pairs up to sell to help fund the lost and founds and skipped this pair because of the memory i have with them. nice pickup man.

  11. that little glance at the end he gave the kid to confirm the adult had him picked up 🙏

  12. ayyy i never see barons on here very often, nice

  13. finally somebody that took the outer layer off the swoosh 👏👏

  14. Thank you! It was a brutal process, if you want to simulate really bad arthritis then cop a pair of these and strip the swoosh. I’ve got other wear-aways that I’ve stripped and these were by far the toughest.

  15. props homie they look the best like that imho

  16. LFG! God willing i’ll have 9 years in February! Congrats on your clean time! bred toes best toes!

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