1. I do not know what’s wrong with the police they instantly turn into egoistic monsters when someone asks them questions even though they are polite..

  2. It’s because so many of them are violent sadist cowards who hide behind their badge inflect pain on others.

  3. Top executive to lowest compensated worker compensation balance laws

  4. Haskell; I want to know who tf uses Haskell in a professional setting.

  5. This isn't what it means when people talk about getting rid of cash bail. They want to release everyone who's not a danger to the public to avoid people being jailed pre-conviction just because they're poor.

  6. They just beat an innocent man to death and enjoyed it.

  7. i wonder how fun it is for them now or when they are in prison...

  8. I'm just glad we have all these people capable of noticing glaring problems.... Let's flip the script and offer solutions... Wouldn't that be something.

  9. I would agree with this, if it werent for the fact that in some way my food is fucked up every damn time. Mcdouble no onions. Comes with onions. 4 packs of bbq sauce. Only get 2. I use bbq for my fries and chicken. Diet coke. I get regular coke. (Diet tastes better to me) and a million other times. Point is, if you cant get my order right, then why would i support a higher wage?

  10. People need more money to live so they can do things like not worry about how they’re gonna feed their family or pay rent.

  11. Thanks for including the source! The really important part of this legislation is that it would index the minimum wage to inflation so that it automatically increases to keep pace.

  12. You're right that I'm unable to understand because it seems like you're arguing that some corporations should be allowed to sway policy.

  13. I dont think any organization or corporation, etc.. should be able to bribe, with money $$$, politicians to sway policy.

  14. Again define bribe. If politician A is for something, and B is against, is running an adv. criticizing B bribing A?

  15. The four day work week is a stupid idea. The smart idea is a six hour work day. You know, the number of hours most people actually work. Move to a 4x10 schedule just means your employees will fuck off for four hours a day instead of two while still “working” 40 hours a week.

  16. We can have both. 4 days a week, 8 hours a day or even 6 hours a day.

  17. Do people not understand that companies would rather reduce their workforce by 20% than pay the same number of people to work four days a week.

  18. They still need the work done. Eliminating the workforce wont help companies complete work, it'll hurt them.

  19. They could also ban corporations and foreign investors from buying single family homes.

  20. I want to believe! But at this point it's definitely only a "believe it when I see it" moment.

  21. I made a post about this recently. Here are some (not all) of the options.

  22. Asylum is a fundamental human right because it is rooted in our shared humanity. When people are forced to flee their homes because of persecution, war, or violence, they are often left with no other option but to seek safety and security elsewhere. And as a nation built on the principles of freedom and opportunity, we have a moral responsibility to provide a refuge for those who need it most.

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