1. This reminds me of the fact that in biology... There is no such thing as fish. And then if you have to explain it to people who have not studied biology, you sound like a complete loon.

  2. I imagine there are tons of different explanations, from innate comorbid to circumstantial and anywhere in between.

  3. I like the variety of explanations you’ve laid out here.

  4. The correlation isn’t too surprising to me but the effectiveness of the chronotherapy was. Very interesting article.

  5. There’s also I Want To Be A Wall, where the main character is aegosexual and only enjoys BL, and enters into a convenient marriage with a closeted gay man to shut their families up.

  6. The character doesn’t want romance or sex of her own, but she loves reading manga about romantic pairings between men - “Boys love”. I like the manga a lot cuz I’m a biromantic guy who’s aegosexual too. (And also collect a lot of BL)

  7. Genuine question. If the Japanese birth rate is really low, how are you not fitting in by not having kids? Aren't a lot of other people doing the same, gay or not?

  8. I could be wrong, but I think it’s more like the people that have kids are having just one, (meaning that 2 people becomes 1 person in the next generation, leading to population decline over time (obviously this is an oversimplification)) rather than more people having 0 kids

  9. Also the assumption for the first sexual stuff to begin between the age of 11 and 17😂

  10. I'm assuming this is some sort of health quiz. Although 126+ questions is a but much. If it is a health quiz, it makes sense to have 11-17.

  11. If you ever see something like this DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. You may the urge to just kick them aside and be on your way but this could be more than mindless vandalism. People could be waiting in the scrub to do you harm.

  12. Why would people do that though? I can understand murdering someone you know (obviously I very strongly disagree with it though, but I can understand it in some ways) but I don’t get why someone would murder a random person?! Unless it’s a robbery-gone-wrong? Like what’s the motivation?!

  13. The intent is likely to rob them, my sweet summer child. And maybe rape/murder as well 😒 like some people just really suck.

  14. There's a name for that phenomenon but I can never remember it. The book does get recommended often here, so it must be good.

  15. I’m going to try to change your view in the opposite direction: having guns at home puts everyone in unnecessary danger. Suicide is the main cause of gun-related deaths.

  16. She showed up to a little get together and the person who invited her said that they would be taking bets on who could sit with her for more then 30 minutes. 10 bucks per person, winner kept the pot. I assumed they were just being rude and planned to tell her of her "friends" plans as soon as she showed up.

  17. In case no one’s told you, Gina is a character in the tv show Brooklyn 99. Great show, would recommend. Gina is a very likeable character (they all are) but she definitely has her talkative-and-kinda-weird-but-everyone’s-entranced moments. But she’s not malicious.

  18. It sounds like right now you’re dealing with the changing hormones (causing all the crying). Perhaps give it a cycle or two or three and see if it evens out, if you can bear it that long. If not, consider getting a new nexplanon or other birth control or at least stronger pain meds, like Naproxen.

  19. i appreciate this in depth reply, thank you so much

  20. Gorgeous. I’d love to make those trees twisted from wire one day

  21. Glad you know it :) For me it’s fibromyalgia. Sugar and dairy are the things that make my fibro pain worse.

  22. Ive missed them too! And I’m hoping they eventually come back so we can give them their beautiful hard work and community back, but health comes first :)

  23. I hope so too!! Sending good wishes for wellbeing their way

  24. “It is easy to lie with statistics, but it is easier to lie without them.”

  25. They’re cleaned once a year at minimum and you wouldn’t believe all the lint they pull out of them.

  26. I’d say pretty much the order you wrote, except I’d take out the trash later on… maybe after cleaning the counters? Idk

  27. That looks so cool. I bet it feels smooth and cool (temperature-wise), too.

  28. I can imagine how relieved you must've been after the fact, haha! This actually happened to me, too, a little while back — I was the one in the psychiatric ward & the person that liked me thought I ghosted them & was happy to know I didn't but was just admitted.

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