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  1. I’m bi but I don’t like to say that I’m “in the community” because of all that implies. But I guess I technically am.

  2. Does anyone actually think back to their first time and see it romantically? I look back and remember it being a pretty strange thing and sort of awkward, which I always assumed was most people's experience too lol

  3. I do personally, but mine was kind of a unique situation where there was a lot of buildup, and while there were awkward moments, we were so deeply in love that it was amazing

  4. The guy who posted a series of stories about a foreman who was rude to him on a job site, after a series of update posts about how the company forced the foreman to apologise, then his wife releases an update saying the guy was killed in a car accident.

  5. I just read this for the first time the other day expecting a lighthearted, funny story… and then the gut punch came

  6. That’s not my point. There would be no problem with accepting inters as a gender, except maybe the ego of some rightists

  7. I think a lot of intersex people would be very offended to hear that you don’t consider them men or women, but something else. Many of them want to live their lives as either or

  8. No one is saying there isn't 2 sexes. I don't think even consider intersex as a sex. But gender is a different that even respected universities and institutions like Yale and Harvard agree on this new definition. As for the conception thing I feel like when LIFE starts is a more subjective thing, it's not really science more of just a moral issue. I myself am still trying to decide on the abortion issue

  9. Lots of people are saying there aren’t 2 sexes, I’m surprised you haven’t heard “sex is a spectrum” before, because I certainly have

  10. The whole "turned on while presenting female thing" just... Like, it happens, gender euphoria and all, but it just adds to this coming across more as just some shitty transphobe It's A Fetish crap.

  11. Technically we weren’t having sex yet but still.

  12. I remember getting orders like this when I worked at Starbucks. Thankfully most weren’t regulars. The regular with the craziest order was a guy we called “7&7 Kevin.” He ordered a venti Java chip Frappuccino with 7 pumps of mocha and 7 scoops of Java chips, double blended with extra whipped cream in a trenta cup. I haven’t worked there for 4 years and I still remember his order.

  13. Right that's what it was, I was getting confused with Halftail

  14. Lostface sounds so much sadder doesn’t it??? :(

  15. People who think gender dysphoria is a prerequisite to being trans, essentially

  16. I’ve never understood why that’s an argument

  17. The toy department in the basement of the hardware store in my hometown. It was the age of Star Wars and Hot Wheels and Barbies and all sorts of other toys in a 20’x20’ room. I still wonder if there’s anything down there these days just collecting dust.

  18. You just unlocked a core memory that I haven’t recalled in years, thank you

  19. Yeah. I feel sort of sick after reading that. It's the trust that gets to me. I trusted my ex like that. He didn't do anything like what was described here, but he did betray me. I remember vividly, 30 years after the fact, the moment the scales fell from my eyes, and my heart broke. I really hope things get better for OP, who sounds quite lovely.

  20. Yep. I dealt with this earlier this year. Found out the man I thought I had a perfect relationship with, who I saw a future with and trusted with everything, had been lying and cheating for years (plus jerking off to my sister). Shit sucks. Thankfully my life is much better without him.

  21. I’m a huge fan of Tolkien, and his worldbuilding is second to none, but sometimes he just can’t get to the fucking point lol

  22. This makes me incredibly sad 😢 I don’t think of myself as a huge animal rights person, but this shit makes me glad I’m vegetarian

  23. This is a troll is I’ve ever seen one

  24. I’m looking for something more serious but I’ll really go for anything at this point I’ve been on hinge for around 9 months and I’ve gotten around 20 matches I’m on the app daily trying to get myself out there and I usually send around 10 likes and about half have comments I really try to stand out with my responses and I’m looking for someone that has common interests but also has interests I can be new too

  25. It might help to use periods. Not trying to be snarky, just saying.

  26. He says that when women are with guys they are truly attracted to they don't have boundaries with them.

  27. What kinds of boundaries? That’s a huge red flag, of course you should have boundaries with anyone you’re dating

  28. Same! I was all like, "Well, not everyone wants a jealous boyfriend, but I see what they mean. These are all good points," until I saw that guy's response.

  29. Yeah, who wants a jealous boyfriend? That shit is the stuff of nightmares, I want an independent man

  30. Everyone sucks here - in other words: no one in the story is without some fault

  31. Except the new bf, poor guy in the middle of this mess

  32. Why are all nice guys incapable of using paragraphs?

  33. Spiders do not have the needed brain components to get high lsd will not produce halucinations in something without a frontal lobe and visual cortex caffeine wont effect things that dont have an endocrin system marijuana wont have effects on anything without cb receptors etc etc

  34. Do you have any idea what would have caused these effects then? It was a nasa experiment lol

  35. I replied to another comment with a source

  36. This is precisely what I thought. I don’t think either of them are bad people, just immature/insecure, bad at communication, and absolutely not right for each other

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