1. Same here lmk if they fix or you find a fix. It let me I. Once then I got glitched leaving the lab

  2. Yea ik it’s the x I just didn’t want people confusing it with the series x

  3. Low or high, I’ve always been taught ac is more dangerous because it makes your heart beat extremely fast and pulls you in. We all agree they can both fry you

  4. I wouldn’t say AC “pulls you in” but my argument against AC is that it takes far less current to induce cardiac arrhythmias at 60hz than it would with DC. I don’t know enough to say the same would be true at higher frequencies.

  5. Good to know, gonna see what everyone else says thank you. Trying to settle a snapchat group chat argument

  6. Just curious do you still think it’s a raccoon after looking at a badger skull? My opinion it looks more like a badger but I have no clue what I’m looking at.

  7. Not a raccoon, badger I think.

  8. Found it in an open off a dirt road where there’s basically nothing so badger would make more sense. Those back jaw things look more like a badger than raccoon.

  9. Bought the weld tube flip front attachment it comes Saturday

  10. Is that from Outlaw Leather? I’ve had my eye on one of those

  11. Yes, it’s extremely light weight I love it. However thinking about putting a flip front in it from weld tube

  12. Ahh, must have been the USSEP that fixed it for me then

  13. No that’s pretty much the end of the civil war quest line. You’ve already taken the capital of the imperial forces. You can probably fight more of their soldiers at the camps but that’s not part of any quest line. It’s the same way with the imperial side.

  14. Thank ya, any quest recommendations?

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