1. Imagine saying you can overhype a guy with 8 rings. This sub never ceases to amaze

  2. You can overhype a guy with 8 rings lol.

  3. This is funny because I've seen this exact comment in like 4 statline posts just today lol

  4. Yea I got Luka comfortably top 6 and debatably a little higher or lower depending on what you value

  5. Yeah I think there's a clear top tier of like 6-7 players(not counting Kawhi because you know....) and other guys are clearly below them

  6. Tatum has been really impressive after that terrible finals showing, his defence is super valuable

  7. I remember when people were debating between him and dame 😭

  8. Bro there isn’t even an offensive gap ☠️ Tatum is arguably better offensively, he gives you the same numbers on better shooting splits

  9. It’s fine to think Tatum is better than Trae (I’d agree) but there’s absolutely an offensive gap lol

  10. One game my guy, Poole also has a ring and Herro doesn’t

  11. Poole is better but that point is literally irrelevant lmao

  12. He was an integral part of a championship run, and well Herro wasn’t, so OP saying Herro is miles ahead is wrong

  13. And he wouldn’t be an integral part of a championship run if he was on the Heat

  14. Do you deadass just look at the most recent game these guys played and rank them on who played best??

  15. we were top 3 defense in the league last year before he went out and we dropped to bottom 3.

  16. You were also the 1st in the east for a while due to a ridiculously easy schedule lol.

  17. Or you know we lost 2 of our best defenders for most of the year and we lost our best 3 point shooter who at the time was also top 10 in the league that season who by the way is still out. Literally every other fanbase gets to call it like it is but when we do it its just an excuse and we suck. But nothing I say to you will matter so enjoy your night I'm not gonna bother with another reddit loser.

  18. The problem is that you compared Draymond to fucking Caruso lol.

  19. He was the QB for two of the best receiver season ever tbf

  20. Which had way more to do with Calvin than Stafford…..

  21. Not really, Stafford's numbers are actually better on average in years without Megatron.

  22. We’re taking about Calvin’s numbers not Stafford’s.

  23. Cause Booker is better than Mitchell

  24. Not by a significant gap. I understand having Booker above Mitchell but they should probably be in a similar tier.

  25. Booker has shown to improve his weakness on defense this past two years. Mitchell has become a bigger sieve. Booker has had more success despite Mitchell having the better second star (arguably more valuable than himself).

  26. Meh. The defensive gap isn’t moving needles lol

  27. They really thought they were gonna get KD for a trade centred around Cam Johnson lmfaoo

  28. Yeah this is the most boring outcome by far.

  29. You do realize that part of pick and roll defense falls on the guards and denver guards and wings defensively has been terrible the last two years! And they did beat Mitchell and dame in the playoffs! And they wasn't going to beat the golden state warriors even if jokic was the greatest defensive center of all time with Denver injured roster that was a 5 game series no matter what. And in that warriors series when they actually put in a guard in Austin rivers of all people that actually defended the last 3 games of that series was close and Denver had a chance to win all three games.

  30. They beat them while the guards had all time great series lmao.

  31. I’m just saying that pointing to anything historical in the context of Jokic is a fools errand. It’s like when people talked about small guards not being able to lead teams when Curry was first becoming relevant.

  32. Sure but that doesn’t mean that there’s still isn’t an automatic limiting factor to having a weak defensive center in the postseason.


  34. Yes. Kd wasn’t wide open because he was getting guarded by Shumpert and R Jeff in single coverage.. no doubles

  35. it's klay before the injury but honestly it's wiggins right now

  36. Klay might be the most overrated player of all time.

  37. Ah yes, I forgot a single game sample size determined these things

  38. Lebron averaged 30/8/6 but it doesn't count because he wasn't in his prime?

  39. Prime Miami LeBron is bringing last seasons Lakers team to the playoffs

  40. And people think MJ wouldn’t average 40+ in today’s game.

  41. No, he is part of the team. Health is an attribute. You don’t get to cry “unfair” or “you didn’t deserve any success” when:

  42. Their injuries count but ours don’t? Ight bro.

  43. Only team that comes close to this amount of consistency is Complexity.

  44. What’s crazy is how optic failed to do anything close to this at Champs despite having the most stacked roster in the history of the game lol.

  45. gf38 says:

    There was like a million more events

  46. Optic fans try to be logical challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

  47. Tmqn says:

    they all played like ass today. let’s not act like scump dropped a 1.5 for the L.

  48. Scump fan’s are deadass delusional lmfao.

  49. We’re taking about MVP though, which is a regular season award. Jokic absolutely isn’t bad or a negative in the regular season, he’s a very good regular season defender and one of the best defenders on the team in that setting. Denver played like a top 10 defense (110 DRTG) with him on court last year and the only other starter who is a plus defender was Gordon.

  50. imo on a pure “how many points are you netting your team per game?” He’s clearly #1 right now.

  51. I don’t think we can assess that postseason stuff until we see him with good POA defenders. Jokic + bad POA defenders in the playoffs is like Giannis + non shooters, it obvs doesn’t work.

  52. I mean you have to start assessing it at some point right?

  53. Why is every post today a proxy war between Embiid and Jokic stans

  54. They feel intimidated by each other.

  55. I personally don’t agree with it but I can see a reasonable argument to be made.

  56. I don’t really see how this is a reason argument tbh

  57. How is it unstoppable? You’re aware the warriors have lost right?

  58. Which team have you seen shutdown the motion offense? Its you either shutdown steph and give up layups or let steph rain 3s. See how boston couldn't figure out what to do?

  59. The simple fact that the warriors haven’t won every single year automatically means it’s not “unstoppable” lol

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