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  1. I’ve met several people who had the belief that if you were in the road, they were legally allowed to run you over because you’re breaking the law (jaywalking). It’s insanity.

  2. Vehicles are in the right in any section outside of crosswalks. At least in my state so technically these people are correct?

  3. You can't kill someone because you have the right of way

  4. Never implied you could. I'm literally quoting state law.

  5. Poop socking had the be the worst/least enjoyable adjective of p99. Thank God for instancing.

  6. Reminds me of the photo President Trump saluting the North Korean general. It's always taken way out of context here in Reddit.

  7. This wouldn't have cancelled the office.

  8. And use kids eventually as soldiers, yes. Goes to show exactly what a POS he was.

  9. MyPay, MyLearning, MyEval, MyVector and now MyGod!

  10. There was a knee on the neck! Luckily this went well, could have been another Floyd.

  11. Doesn't meet the proper demographics for the population to care.

  12. I had the same issue with my solid hickory flooring. I had 1 more bedroom to do but then it was discontinued. I ended up taking a leftover scrap piece to Lowes & Home Depot and I found some Bruce Oak that was nearly identical.

  13. I've pulled up laminate that was laid directly on carpet, then pulled the carpet and padding up to discover busted ceramic tile. Removed that and found hard wood!

  14. Laminate over carpet? That's disgusting.

  15. See, if you just leveled the floor and just pasted another layer of linoleum on top, then you would have never known.

  16. Oh I would have known. I can't bring myself to do anything haha ass'd in my house.

  17. I started not knowing a single thing. Now I can pretty much build my own house thanks to YouTube, Google and Reddit.

  18. TV shows like Jerry Springer using "lie detectors" to "prove" someone cheated on their wife or stole money from their friend or whatever.

  19. Please tell that to the entire U.S. intelligence community.

  20. The only time? Wow... Can I ask, why continue being a police officer if you feel you aren't making any difference? Don't you feel like maybe you could be doing something else where you're actually helping people? I hate that cops just want to punish everyone. There is very little help offered when dealing with police Edit: lot of boot lickers itt huh....

  21. Sounds like you get all of your information about cops from Reddit.

  22. Do they still have the horrible blue/grey card system?

  23. It used to be a curfew type system for the Air Force on Kadena.

  24. Yeah, you do look fat, but I don't mind.

  25. So women aren’t ready to hear a sentence that makes no sense?

  26. USA seems like it's getting worse as someone who doesn't live there

  27. Life in the U.S. is always pretty grim according to Reddit, but in reality it's actually very nice here overall.

  28. That could probably hold your car along with the water heater and freezer.

  29. Woke Airman of the Quarter awards

  30. This is why cybersecurity breaches happen lol.

  31. There are some .22 caliber air pistols with lethal power and they are completely unregulated. Great for shooting out windows without getting swat called on you.

  32. Julius Caesar. Just ask the Gauls why.

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