1. i'd call daphne chaotic something, but i also don't know who else i'd put in true neutral tbf

  2. i think she got bitten by a vegetarian vampire who she fell in love with and then they went on to "adopt" five other vampires before settling in a small town in washington iirc

  3. Should I get a sex change? Should I start using she/her pronouns? Perhaps I should kill myself? After all, what kind of bigot could dare generalizing in such a fascistic, misogynistic way?

  4. if I were you I’d just start with therapy tbh because you just took this to 100 for no reason 😳

  5. me: hey your misogyny makes you seem bitchless you: oH shouLD I CHANGE MY PRONOUNS 😭😭 should i jUST KILL MYSELF 😭

  6. Janine and Serena both have tattoos, so I don't think that makes a difference

  7. serena's is only seen in two rly dark scenes, but she has a cross on her ribs (i think it's yvonne's actual tattoo that they didn't cover up but i'm not sure??), and i think janine's is on her forearm

  8. Is it just me or did they name The Real Housewives reality TV show after desperate housewives? I could swear years ago I saw one of the early seasons promoted by the name "The Real Desperate Housewives"

  9. they did - it was kind of a thing in the early/mid 2000s to name reality shows after the popular fictional shows that inspired them, another example of this is laguna beach: the real orange county, which was inspired by the oc

  10. wayne felt the most evil to me because he felt the most real + the way his fellow cops kept "losing the paperwork" was so insidious

  11. I love Hannah. I subconsciously modeled my style off of her through my 25 through .. Um now? Years… I didn’t realize it until a rewatch a couple years ago.. and then I was like ohhh I dress like Hannah McKay

  12. white shirts and black bras have rly been a key part of my wardrobe for the past decade bc of her fr 😭

  13. Gemini was my first instinct for june. Serena a Virgo. Lydia a libra. Eta- eyebrows a cancer. Waterford a Capricorn.

  14. for some reason i see serena as more of a capricorn than a virgo tbh...i like the idea of lydia as a libra though, because apparently janine is canonically a libra and that's just nice To Me

  15. i don't get this. just tallying them up doesn't necessarily prove they're "the most hated" - just that they're the most talked about. not including June, the characters with the most posts also had an elevated amount of screentime this season. it makes sense that people would post about them more.

  16. i feel like serena would be winning either way if i reversed my criteria of hate posts (un-nuanced takes with no other purpose than to bash the character) to love posts (un-nuanced takes with no other purpose than to uplift the character) tbh...there aren't really a ton of "wow serena is just the best" posts 😳 like i said in my post, it's not a perfect science nor did i ever claim it was - i'm sorry if you don't get it, but it was just for fun

  17. Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest you didn't. I was looking at your criteria for not a hate post vs hate post. Just needed some clarification :)

  18. omg no worries!! none of the posts i linked to were, by my criteria, nuanced takes with any other purpose than bashing the character so, to me, they counted as hate :)

  19. robin the lesbian stripper on the i love you tier so deserved 😌

  20. i was with you until the weird random fred defense because that’s a heinously bad take. serena definitely shouldn’t be granted sympathy or have apologists, but to say that serena is “worse than” fred (who was part of the creation of the ceremony itself, raped june and his first handmaid outside of the ceremony multiple times, and beat his wife with a belt) because fred was “nicer” to june is sure something

  21. What is so ironic about that is this is a show about a regime that subverts the choices and opinions of others

  22. with love and light, if you are comparing a subreddit being sick of a love triangle to an authoritarian dystopian regime i think it may be time to touch some grass...check up with the current situation in some news, because nothing going on on this sub is that serious 😭

  23. I was talking about the show and my opinion on it. Not the news. How did this go so far left? While the Handmaids Tale does an awesome portrayal of real life events it's still a show. This is exactly what I mean about people putting down others opinions because it doesn't align with theirs. But thank you for illustrating what I mean

  24. again love and light, but it did seem like you put down my opinion first by calling my comment with my opinion ironic, but slay ig

  25. i think elisabeth & yvonne are both actors who could have chemistry with a brick wall, so it's not surprising that it's, in some ways, electric between them...i will say that that would be the twist to end all twists in this series though!!

  26. aita for accidentally forcing women into sexual slavery because i wanted a baby (no i’m not) - u/ serenajw

  27. Hahaha it’s the added reaffirming that she’s not at the end that’s so Serena tbh

  28. one thing abt serena is that she's gonna dodge accountability

  29. TIFU by taking my boyfriend’s son to the ER in a city where I am a wanted on at least one murder charge without wearing any disguise…to be fair though, I have spent several weeks walking around this city, where I’m actively being hunted without a disguise so I didn’t think anything of it 😳u|passionatepoisoner

  30. I need a Tuello and me sex scene 😂

  31. IKR?? She sees June, and just immediately starts demanding stuff again? "Hi June. Got any diapers?" F-ck all the way right off, you entitled ingrate!

  32. I love this - I've done a similar analysis in prior seasons.

  33. it's really interesting to see the trends throughout the season tbh!!

  34. What about Luke? Does he have any outright hate posts? Or maybe I’ve just seen a lot of people complain about him but not necessarily say they hate him. Or aunt Lydia?

  35. as someone who does like Serena (as a character, not as a person - she's terrible, but i enjoy watching her), i can only speak for myself, but i don't think her version of Gilead would've been remarkably different from the version we got. i think there'd be a few changes though based on what we've seen in the show:

  36. So you like someone who would commit crimes against humanity?

  37. yes, i believe that was clear when i said "as someone who does like serena". liking a character doesn't mean that i approve of or condone the character's actions, or real world counterparts.

  38. For starters, you seem to have understood his backstory wrong. He wasn't a loser! He was a 19 year old that had a father who gave up and a brother that fell into alcoholism and he stepped up to provide for them all! He is a carer, a family man. But the thing is, as in our world, most bosses don't like it when you have to take time out to take care/look for your brother so he doesn't die out on the street. So those assholes kicked him out.

  39. right, but we are five seasons into the show and for there to still be this much ambiguity and “between the lines” about one of the major characters is a major red flag, and you shouldn’t need to read the book to know the character’s intentions in the show, especially given how much the show has deviated from atwood’s source material. there are some truly severe shortcomings in nick’s story & performance if there’s space for conclusions like OP’s to be reasonably drawn i fear.

  40. nick is, to me, this show's greatest failure in writing. his backstory was clearly intended to be reminiscent of the way that young disenfranchised men fall down the alt-right pipeline, and i think that there are so many different ways that his arc, from that starting point, could've been one of the most interesting on tv and the writers did exactly none of those and just went "oh ya, no, he kind of mostly thinks gilead is bad now, trust us"

  41. "i'll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror" i have blue eyes and will go blind if i stare at the sun, and i can't walk past a reflective surface without checking myself out in it

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