1. Congrats! You might want to wait a week or so before enjoying that scotch though, I was told alcohol could slow down the healing process.

  2. My partner's niece and nephew gave him crud and then he passed it to me. At my behest my partner mean-mugged the kids. They are too young to understand but I feel better haha

  3. For the first time in my 33 years of life I got (carnivorous) plants. But I won't be able to take them with me when I leave and I already for horrendous for it, but I love them and feed them well. I'll be looking for a good home for them before I leave. They deserve that and more.

  4. Aw I bought two of them that were practically dead and have somehow came back to life again lol. Unfortunately they are stuck outside, in a sheltered bit, because any plant I bring indoors (apart from my herbs) seems to attract a swarm of flies....which was also attracting the spiders! I guess now that they have regenerated thry can start eating the flies now 😁

  5. Looks delicious. Are those green onions in your guac? I haven’t tried that but it sounds good

  6. Wtf is chorizo ham? That's just ham.

  7. Bruv that's just what the lady at the farmer's market called it. Thank you for the rating!

  8. Pretty sure my mom just wanted a daughter and my dad (Confirmed) didn't care I existed.

  9. Do this if you don't like hearing. You need that concave area to direct sound waves into your earhole.

  10. Breh, that’s awesome. I’m going Helo Pilot (153A) through WOFT!

  11. I have a tattoo of Spoon Too Big guy. It is still a favorite

  12. I had to go back and forth a couple of times thinking......."where is the red one?"

  13. the one that went in the water was an F18E. thus the single seat?

  14. Oh jeez my dumbass didn't realize that the windscreen being gone made it look like an F. My bad

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