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  1. I'm a newbie. Does this mean I need a 64 lane bus?

  2. I was just trying to continue the joke of doubling the number again and again.

  3. Yes contact science advising. If you genuinely didn’t know you were in the class I’m sure they’ll take care of it for you

  4. I'd say 16-bit and 32-bit only apply if you're working with their respective limitations, such as 3 colors per 16x16 sprite with an 8-bit palette, 15 colors per 32x32 sprite with a 16-bit palette, so on and so forth. However, if you're not working with that, I'd categorize it under low-res, med-res, or high-res.

  5. Where are you getting these numbers from? 8 bits should be able to handle 28 or 256 colors, not 3

  6. On any 8-but console, each individual sprite handled by the game can have 3 colors in it, excluding the transparent color. Yes, the overall palette allowed by the system is larger, but for each individual sprite it’s 3 colors.

  7. Either depending on whether there is a toy and possibility of play involved. :)

  8. Do people ask to pet him often? And does he/she enjoy it? I’m thinking of getting a GSD but I also don’t want people to be scared of my dog

  9. Sometimes. and he’ll tolerate it, or like it if they get the right spot behind the ear, or if they have a toy and they can tell they want to play.

  10. Thanks for the info. Yeah I’m all good with the exercise and mental needs. I’m good to walk my dog a few hours every day and part of the reason I want a GSD is because I’m planning to do a lot of obedience training, more than most people do. My choices now are probably between Australian and German shepherd, though the friendliness thing has been making me lean more towards Australian lately.

  11. Apply at the SPCA. They need dog walkers and animal care.

  12. I might be looking wrong but it doesn't seem like any of the ones near UBC are looking for volunteer walkers

  13. For anyone that really hates the Tomb of the Giants because of the darkness just remember u can get the "cast light" spell from Dusk after rescuing her in Darkroot Basin. 15 minutes of light for a fairly small investment in INT in order to use and doesn't require you to hold in your hand or put on your head. Now enjoy the game and don't you dare go hollow

  14. I’d rather go through tomb of giants 10 times than deal with the hydra lol

  15. cuantos años tengo que jugar para llegar a eso?

  16. It’s funny because this used to be the majority opinion people had a few years ago. If anyone dared to complain about the boss runbacks then they would get crucified online lol

  17. Is it just me or has Mercante been getting worse and worse over time?

  18. I haven't had Mercante pizza for years. It was delicious 5 years ago. I've been looking forward to going back until reading this above. Bad, is it?

  19. It’s worth a try. I’m not sure if other people have had the same experience so that’s why I’m asking.

  20. Nice! I personally love playing it on the PSP since it has the form factor of the GBA, but with better processor, save states, sleep mode, etc. Blast from the past with the OG gba sp, how's the battery life on it after all these years?

  21. Nice! Can you speed up the game on those? Is there a cheat menu etc

  22. I don’t believe you can speed up the game, and there might be a way to use cheats but if there is I’m not too sure!

  23. I had upvoted this link, yet somehow I didn't remember.

  24. Might be missing the joke but wasn't the issue with the demon core that it was supposed to stay open? Like opening the demon core is ostensibly a good thing

  25. You’re correct. This bothers me so much lol everyone makes this mistake, that was the entire point of the thing

  26. I wish i didnt quit cause i just found out my sister is a furry.

  27. E, I just stay home and beat my dick like it owes me money.

  28. Cant wait for the inevitable “cAn YOu BeAt DS2 As a WrEtch???!!” Videos

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