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  1. All I took was IOE 463 and IOE 424. I thought IOE 463 was really dumb/pointless but a very easy class. IOE 424 was a very great class to put on your resume. It is a lot of work but I think it is worth it.

  2. I have an apartment that is up for sublease but it is shared but you do get your own bathroom and the room is a great size

  3. can it fit two people by any chance. could be a couch

  4. Wheeling is an income strategy for oldies, it will never beat buy and hold on your time horizon. The last thing you should do at 21 is limit upside potential selling CCs.

  5. I see these posts a lot. Why can’t you just roll over and get that upside potential. And no matter what happens always roll for a credit and work your way up

  6. I know that a lot of cs job might not exist in the future

  7. AI cant think, so im not worried.

  8. Have you used AI?? lol its smarter than most people I know

  9. It’s definitely passable. Believe it or not, I passed without knowing what parallel or series were

  10. It was fine for me. 310 was definitely the hardest. I really enjoyed 316

  11. Any out-of -state frat boy. 99% chance their family is loaded.

  12. Know when to drop a class. Please. It’s okay to give up. It’s better to get a W than to get an E (true story, bro).

  13. lol I 'm just a freshman so I only know the P/NRC policy. I will keep this in the back of my mind

  14. Should I take Physics 240 at WCC over the summer or here in the Fall? I was taking a look at WCC, and the classes are each 3 and half hours long! Three days a week as well. Is Physics 240 really bad enough to justify a schedule like that at WCC?

  15. Absolute pandemonium. My roommates and I headed down to South U area right after the game that sent us to the final four and you could barely move. People climbing lampposts and go blue chants... great vibes. At the rate Juwan is recruiting it looks somewhat likely you’ll get to experience it yourself!

  16. Still cannot believe I was in Seattle for an internship that winter semester. Went to a Michigan bar out there and that was awesome but I really would've loved to be in Ann Arbor.

  17. I got good aid. By far the cheapest school. Where's the in state gang at?

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