OMG WHATS HAPPENING?! Biggys dd that’s what

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  1. IMO opinion their only chance is to force the bondholders to accept the most shitty all share deal ever.

  2. I removed my comment because people were failing to see my point. My point is, they have a fiduciary duty to do everything in their power to straighten the company before declaring bankruptcy. Behaving like you have infinite time and cash on your hand to execute what is arguably a very difficult turnover is weird. As you say, I think they might be forcing bondholders’ hand here to accept a deal and not expect to be saved by M&A. Could be a mind game they are playing so someone would buy back the bonds for peanuts in the meantime. I was expecting drastic measures before declaring BK and they are not really doing that (from my perspective) so unless they have a card up their sleeve, I’m baffled.

  3. agree. They should have acted much more aggressive. Shrink.Arnal was the one who talked about aligning costs while Sue Gove still spoke about growth.

  4. All a tragedy. I admit after 6 years of accumulation even recently today I sold at huge loss. Why?

  5. The timing wasn’t strange, it was an update about the bond deal, which was extended until yesterday, and so expired today. If they hadn’t given an update that would have been stranger.

  6. But the warning. This I would have expected much earlier. I hope Sue Gove resigns.I still see hope, when they find somebody to tell the bond holders they will only get shares or zero.

  7. I’ve got a weird feeling that there’s actually going to be very few safe havens and BBBY is one of them…

  8. agree. we have the shorts paying borrow fee and the only task to survive with a community buying their shares.

  9. Well written. I also picked BBBY years ago as a stock which I can accumulate for a long time. Not all I expected, but I expected them to struggle for a longer time and that stock market would always punish them and judge they will fail giving me a speculative chance to continue to accumulate cheaply.

  10. I added recently but now waiting for earnings. We we are doing good but still if earnings are not good some stupid money will sell and shorts will create a "crash" which will of course be bought by smart money like me :-)

  11. years ago i searched a company, a business that I would like to own in a crisis. Which can consolidate itsself in a recession just by shrinking,trimming and not growth. which is cheap. And which sells basic need.

  12. people do underestimate what this means. We are in a recession. Shorts own stocks and businesses, maybe even TSLA stock.

  13. The outstanding amount of 2024 notes is $176,169,000. Can BBBy use their ATM offering of $150 million to pay this off? This would leave a $26,169,000 balance on their 2024 loans.

  14. yeah but they need money for the store closures and the bleeding and the ABL before that.

  15. exactly. Time should work for us. And shorts can see how to pay the borrow fee while sitting on gains and shareprice moving sideways and their (collateral) long positions plummeting.

  16. If had 1 Mio shares short , i would take another 100 thsd or more and short it down in the opening

  17. This chasing in the opening is really stupid. Fortunately those chasers pay on their own for their actions.

  18. people never learn. It is really sad. Never buy in the opneing. Shorts lend for a day, they will never cover in the early hours.

  19. It makes zero sense to chase it in the opening. No short would ever cover in the opening. No big investor would start to buy directly in the opening.

  20. I will add in January when some may be shocked in case their number are not right yet.

  21. I am also deep in red. But it is a binary bet. If they survive than they will have cover over time and we will all picked up.

  22. They put a ton of money and time into getting themselves poised to be an e-commerce company. If they succeeded, we will see some sustainable growth. They went back to the brands that got them to $12 billion dollars a year in revenue... if they can trim the fat and steal some Amazon market share, they're gonna be off to the races.

  23. Generally agree that is why I think their store closure strategy is the right one. Loyal customer will find their way to thei online presence.

  24. Just curious but why do you think online has been weak recently? I thought they were having crazy subscription sign-ups, with the biggest perk being free online shipping. I would think online would be doing quite well, no?

  25. I checked myself on such analytic pages the web traffic which was going down and then recently on yahoo finance they stated the Jefferies Analyst who usually was positive but in his "study" he claimed the online traffic has fallen another 20 percent after black friday.

  26. Godspeed to you man, hope you are doing well in these troubled times

  27. you mean in Ukrain or in Germany? Here in Germany its all propaganda and half of the truth is simply a lie which is repeated and repeated all the time.

  28. because I add all the time since years and already before was all in, it is just 1,05. And slowly adding.

  29. Good posting. We need more real investors than gamblers. I am long term holder and from a European perspective its really a bit not understandable that they still could not fix their profitability

  30. Really my mentality has change. Shorts and maybe company dropping this price so low is a huge oppertunity for us to buy cheap? I mean if it wasnt the case I wouldnt afford like 1000 more shares if we was sitting at 20-30$+. I see this dip to sub 3 as a golden oppertunity. Only me?

  31. yeah itis. And some shark will probably take the chance and buy in bigly ,some activist investor.

  32. short interest is up yes. But they have issues. Any criticism of the HOLDERS like RC is downvoted here.

  33. Patience.And pray. The only thing i do not understand is this RC talk still. He is out, he does not like the business.

  34. And Sears/kmart, great long term prospects

  35. they go digital and come back with partnerships. It is not comparable.

  36. Great. Store closures are always great. Saving a lot of money. Loyal customers find their website.

  37. Not an easy ride. But six years of accumulating and deep red I will just add and average down slowly.

  38. You're going to have the fattest paycheck of them all. Maybe not the dollar amount, but purely the mental satisfaction to know you were right all along for 6 years.

  39. at least I would consider it as hard earned money.And it is almost all my life savings. But from the beginning for me it was a binary bet. If they survive their will be this extra reward.

  40. Adding since 2016 also yesterday. Down 68 percent but I do not care. When i picked the stock I wanted a stock I can accumulate over years without a price explosion in between. I invest from normal income.

  41. maybe shorted and cash flow positive in 4th quarter OR maybe able to sell Baby later or partially Baby.

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