1. Those exact words came out of my mouth involuntarily

  2. I wouldn't get any plastic surgery, but if I could have a different type of procedure done without worrying about money, I'd totally want laser hair removal. My hair grows back way too fast and too much. I'd love to just get it all lasered off and then not have to deal with it anymore.

  3. Have you tried waxing? It's not nearly as painful or expensive and hair grows back slower and slower each time. You kind of have to be dedicated to it but I think it's worth it.

  4. Same. I often feel like I don't have one feature that stands out, I'd like one. Also maybe a little lip filler.

  5. Damn girl. Sorry your husband doesn't make you wet.

  6. So he doesn't want other people to know that you're smart and beautiful, but he's probably with you because you're smart and beautiful. Then he victim blames you for being sexually assaulted. Cut him off. Straight up ghost him. He's awful.

  7. I love it .I carry a lot of tension in-between my shoulder blades and getting cracked helps. I also love getting my neck adjusted

  8. Tell your mom you're moving in to her room. Sleep in her room a few nights.

  9. Abusive people aren't abusive in the beginning, sometimes they don't show their true colors for years. Don't stay in a relationship because it used to be good and you hope it will be good again.

  10. Putting something cold on your boyfriend's back, like a soda can

  11. How about instead of asking men what women want, you ask women what women want.

  12. How bad my social anxiety gets. I hate how I get so scared to just say hi to people or to confirm my purchases. I wanna be a lil bit more extroverted so I can be someone people aren't ashamed of being with in a social setting

  13. As a loud and not shy person, a real friend wouldn't mind being with you in a social setting. Whenever my shy/quiet friend needs something, my mom friend instincts activate and I ask for/ grab whatever they are too scared to get. If you have genuine friends, shame is something they don't feel.

  14. Guns, cars, make-up, fashion, cats, Ohio, West Virginia, musicals, romcoms, birds, gardening, Rwanda, Lil Baby, Ireland, Ed Sharen?, Country Music, Kiss, Starbucks, Tom Brady

  15. Cars get boring quick. Like good for you with your complex engine or whatever, but I just want something that can get me to work and can make moving easy.

  16. This is what men want to happen when they say "maybe you haven't had/ met the right man yet."

  17. Your black and white looks like an XXL Boston terrier

  18. He’s Just Not That Into You, Set It Up, When Harry Met Sally, 10 Things I Hate About You, Bridget Jones’ Diary, She’s All That, 13 Going on 30, Crazy Stupid Love, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail … I could go on and on

  19. They made her look beautiful in "a simple favor" with Anna Kendrick

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