1. Effectivement at getting you killed in 1.5 secondes

  2. While killing 3 idiots with afterburn, yes.

  3. Better question. Who the hell believes these pranks?. The only prank thats been pulled was on the old guy watching this video and laugh-coughing at it thinking its real.

  4. I knew it was fake and I laughed, seeing it go dark and hearing his immediate scream was funny. Maybe I'm an outlier

  5. I am surprised. Shocked even, that i don't think its that bad.

  6. This had a worse ending than game of thrones

  7. REALLY bad. I seen plenty of bad combos. But this one is uniquely horrible. Not cursed bad, not cringe bad. Its just REALLY REALLY bad.

  8. The only acceptable one IS demo spy, because its funny.

  9. My face looked exactly like gabe's when i tried to read your gibberish.

  10. These ain't my turtles. Mine look huge and got white eyes.

  11. Scout > pyro. Spy. Engi. Medic. Heavy. (This is just a fact)

  12. I never liked the whole "humanisation" of engi builds

  13. I can accept it. But not to the extent of making them fuckable. 🗿

  14. If fighting were to result in victory, then we must fight. But. If being friends would result in victory, then we must be friends and create fond memories. Getty up friendo. Lets go bully someone.

  15. The tele on the hat makea every loadout look 6 times worse.

  16. You’re taking this very seriously. It’s just a yearly joke and it’s just a pillow lmao

  17. I know the difference between needing help and intentionally making a mock for Reddit Karma knowing it will get a reaction both positive and negatively. It’s just funny really. And this isn’t even a MAIN thing I’m doing. I’m guessing next you’ll say I’m a low life scum. You got half the bingo board down already

  18. Your autism is the reason why you don't process half of what people tods at you. My brother has autism, and he keeps his interests to himself. You are not a low life scum. You are a poor son of a bitch. Your parents are the low life scums for letting their son walk around with a fuck pillow everywhere.

  19. It's a nice game indeed, but I don't see a need for a remake, honestly.

  20. I want to play the story mod online with a friend.

  21. You can do that through the emulation.

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