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  1. I totally agree. But that’s a pretty nice jump cut made by the RB. Good vision and adjustment.

  2. Oh man... Does she not see that it isn't about gender. He is a much more accomplished and frankly, a better actor. I don't think he's ever been in a movie that flopped. Jennifer, I like her in Silver Linings Playbook (only movie I remember her in that I liked) but it wasn't a Wolf of Wall Street or Departed.

  3. Jesusfuckingchrist but Leo’s work in that movie along side Jack N was phenomenal. Two of the best at their craft at the top of their game.

  4. Hard to believe either of them got paid for that stupid movie.

  5. Id buy em a fucking cookbook and a microwave.

  6. Imo you have two seperate issues neither of which will evga warranty.

  7. Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir. For a rip roaring good time it really can’t be beat!

  8. I posted this earlier but woot screwed up the link. Drive is available again. Listed under accessories though not components.

  9. Dosnt come with a heatsink though. That’s another 30 bucks.

  10. The Sabrent drive didn't have a heatsink either what's your point? And it's only 10 bucks more for the heatsink idk where you got 30 from. It's $109.99 just like that Sabrent drive and then if you want the heatsink it's $129.99 but includes a $10 off coupon. That makes it only $119.99 only $10 more for the heatsink.

  11. I think woot changed the item. I just copied and pasted so that is what it said. But whatever, you do you man.

  12. Where the hell do you live, Heaven? Stunning!

  13. ~~every bite you take, I’ll be watching you..~

  14. IMO tech wasn't being paid for indoor cable pulling so didn't want to fuck with it. You mighta been able to sweeten the deal with a $50. lol

  15. We live in a small midwestern university town. (That’s as close to penthouse as it gets though) Our install was close to what you have. We are both in IT on campus so lots of equipment from various eras. Anyway, I wanted an inside cable run and the tech told straight up that wasn’t his job. I offered a c-note and he brightened right up. Did what I wanted and did it well. Our 1gig sym line gets us 970 or so consistently up and down. No complaints.

  16. This is what people did before water was safe-ish to drink. As modern first world countries it is impossible to really understand how bad hygiene and the environment were back then.

  17. In a word, no. Not true. Whoever made the meme is they aren’t a pilot and know nothing about airplanes in general and the F-35 specifically.

  18. Fortunately that should be over soon.

  19. Deaths caused by pitbulls over the last ten years -185 Deaths caused by cows - 220 avg a year Deaths caused by horses - 200 avg a year Deaths caused by HOUSE CATS - 200 avg a year

  20. You need to relook at your numbers as percent of population for both dog and human. That changes things significantly.

  21. I cannot stand bad owners giving breeds a bad name. I'm sure this comment section is full of pit bull hate, and you guys make me just as sick as the idiot owners.

  22. I remember the 80’s when wolf dog hybrids became popular. Some of them are very good pets as long as you know the risks and are well trained in how to handle them. The “bad rap” pit bulls have is much the same as the wolf hybrid.

  23. Yeah and when the parents come back to the nest, they are not even surprised the cookoo chick is bigger than them and feed the cookoo like not even wondering anything wrong....

  24. [email protected] months. Our big boy has surpassed 150 lbs and still has 8-9 months to grow. The floof is strong in this one and that’s his SUMMER coat.

  25. You'll run the risk of breaking the entire internet, but do what you must. giggles in nerd

  26. I laughed way to damn hard at this. Note to self, get life soonish.

  27. You just tell them you are the original but you moved.

  28. Had this same kind of problem with an 3080 12g ftw3 and a LG 34” monitor. I had an older Dell 22” ultra sharp and when I swapped it in the problem went away. . I almost replaced my monitor then realized that the Dell monitor had an input cable attached when I swapped them. Yep, it was the cable. Put my larger LG back with the Dell cable and no more issues.

  29. I’m in the same situation as you are. Just received a eero 6+ upgrade from my isp but have an existing eero pro second gen. I didn’t want to accept the speed and bandwidth limitation. I simply setup a switch, feed the main line from modem to the switch then just create two separate networks. The older equipment supplies my shed/shop and garage . The newer supplies the house. You can not mix on the same network as it will default to least common denominator.

  30. Well, took a look at the Amazon reviews and the first like 5 reviews were pretty bad.

  31. I dunno man. First 100 reviews are glowing on Amazon US.

  32. Can someone explain semi-fanless? It either does or it dosnt, right?

  33. Yes, but then the original comment doesn't make sense. It's not objectivity "better value", because for people that don't need 1TB, it is spending extra for 0 benefit

  34. Whatever the original comment … can never have too much money or storage.

  35. You field the best team you can and play to f’n win. Every. Damn. Game. The fans support the team. You go out and do your job. If they lose, that’s the breaks babycakes. I would not support a team who looses on purpose. The end.

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