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Just Stop Oil supporters sprayed orange paint from fire extinguishers onto the Home Office, the MI5 building, the Bank of England and the headquarters of News Corp at London Bridge.

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No skins as rewards for playing the Halloween event sucks

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  1. Yeah but it is more like a whole universe with many different storys

  2. Tbf i hate games that are hard because you are dependent on other people. That has nothing to do with difficulty. If i do a 6 star raid and 2/3 randos get one shotted in the first round because they don't even have a pokemon with resistance out against the raid Mon that's nothing in my control.

  3. Waiting for season 2. Got my rank goal so there is literally nothing to grind for since all of my friends i play with also have no intention of playing with nothing to do basically.

  4. Anscheinend ja nicht wenn du so ne Frage stellst.

  5. Oh Scheisse ich she jetzt erst von wem der Post ist. Meine Schuld.

  6. A step in the right direction my ass. This is a AAA developer that makes billions in sales with pokemon games, or at least 100s of millions, doesn't change the fact that the final product isn't what i call a triple A title by a mile. This game has frame rate issues with grass that looks like drawn with paint.

  7. Yeah i start to wonder too why I had hopes...

  8. I'm gonna try to make a resume of the good and the bad that I've found in my ~10hs of gameplay. There'll be no plot spoilers and also I've played VERY leisurely, I've mostly been exploring.

  9. yeah from the things i saw and read its probably a pass from my side. I just dont understand how they can publish a game that looks this bad after BOTW released ages ago.

  10. They could have done so much more with it with little to no effort. How hard could it be to chose the colors yourself with a slider?

  11. Cool a skin for a hero that you can't play. Very good bliz.

  12. You are the kind of teacher i remember even years after graduation. Keep doing your thing it obviously works better this way. Bless you.

  13. There is a dialogue where he talks about it with mimir. He is basically saying that a part of his powers faded because his source (Olympus) died, tried to reawaken them but couldn't.

  14. I was wrong. Don't close your heart to it.

  15. First Thor fight. The scene were the hammer and axe collided and stayed in the air pushing against each other while kratos and Thor circled slowly around it was just perfect. + The scene where he kills you and reanimates you out of the death screen was so simple yet epic.

  16. I really loved that the whole story wasn't some generic "i forgive you anyways" hit. That sindri is still angry and full of dispose and grief is so much better then if he would have just forgiven.

  17. SOME and i write that in caps. SOME young people would really profit from beatings in their childhood. Be it from parents, teachers or peers.

  18. I would be surprised if it would effect the price in any way but a dip. I just don't see any of these things positively affecting the price until we have drs` every single share.

  19. That means they have plenty of ammunition to drive the price down... what am I missing?

  20. So what exactly has this archived? Did anything change?

  21. Jap mein lieferladen des Vertrauens hat seit Anfang des Jahres auch immer wieder die Preise erhöht. Tja jetzt ist so teuer das ich einfach gar nicht mehr bestelle. Good Job ihr Vollidioten.

  22. electivire. It is basically an electro gorilla. How cool is that?

  23. This is some actual dogshit. Like, what the fuck is anyone in charge on if they think this is a good idea, and can I have some?

  24. Yeah they will give out a free legendary skin for "our inconvenience". I swear they are doing half of the skins right now just to give them out for free when they fucked up again. Oh servers down for 4 days? Here a skin. Oh we are predatory draining money from you with borderline illegal methods (bundles being on "sale" when never on "full price")? Here have a skin. Never mind that this skin was probably already the skin you could get by playing the event. There's no way they would actually give us a skin for free that wasn't already going to be free.

  25. So there is no reason to start overwatch for this event? Got it.

  26. Wow. I grinded for the t500 spray and icon last season which i won't swap out for anything else ( cause I'm damn proud of it after 36 seasons). So i basically get sprays and player icons i will never use. Why TF should play this event. Hell it's not even completely new.

  27. I'm comparing a AAA company that takes an existing IP and makes it F2P. I see a cash grab by Blizzard, at the expense of gameplay.

  28. I really hate to admit it cause i really put faith in blizz with ow2, but you were right from the start.

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