1. You know, the mods get shit now and then, but I just wanna say they have been on top of the garbage here the last few days and doing a great job!

  2. You walked me right into that one. Bloody hell, homie here playing chess with my checkers ass.

  3. Lobest thou the Holy Telephone of Margery at thine enemy, who, being naughty in mine sight, shall go bankrupt.

  4. This post really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing it. I don't have much in the way of advice, but I admire your tenacity.

  5. My dog must be protected at all costs. Therefore, I must live for as long as she does.

  6. Debit Suisse thought their Wu Tang sword could defeat Bill’s Crouching-Tiger-Naked-Short-And-Greedy Hwang style.

  7. Hmmm that worries me. Commercial real estate has generally been decreasing in value, but in a potential hyperinflationary, it’s better to own land

  8. This is true, I remember when I worked in the mall there'd be seniors doing their laps before the crowds come in.

  9. And now, I've reached the point where I'm like, "Track suit and trainers? Walk in a climate controlled area for fitness and socializing? Fuck yeah, sign me up."

  10. Plus, if you go to a fancy mall you can enjoy the luxury interiors in peace like it's your palace.

  11. I went to a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona that was so fancy that I didn't recognize any of the stores.

  12. Inverted and dropped on his head at birth, lucky the bar to become a pilot in the RuAF is low

  13. I liked to do things that were incompatible with "normal" drinking, like going for hikes or doing some volunteer work.

  14. What works best for me when facing bad news is to accept that neither my reaction to it nor my worry over it will change what it is. I try to remind myself to respect the other person's perspective and to accept that I am allowed to have a very strong reaction to that news. With that said, my strong opposition to that bad news does not invalidate the other party's reasoning.

  15. Imagine the embarrassment of becoming a ghoul because you forgot about Daylight Saving Time.

  16. Keep an eye out for the prime brokers that are looking for a pause/cut in fed funds rate

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