1. Sadly Marguerite passed away November 9th of last year as well. RIP to the fiesty funny old gal.

  2. I pirate because I refuse to spend over 500 to buy everything for the Sims 4. You can call me a thief but I'll call EA the same thing

  3. i’ve been feeling the exact same lately. i’m glad i’m not the only one.

  4. Posts like this are why i joined this sub. This gives me hope. Congratulations to you man you’re winning

  5. I found one but it’s blocked off. And can you search for quarutined ones it’s so annoying ?

  6. atleast you kinda know what you’re getting into with an online date

  7. I know you probably heard this a milion times, or if you didn't then you must now, but this is the point of your life where you absolutely and unquestionably need therapy or any form of professional psychological help, otherwise you'll stay stuck in this pit until you decide to pull the trigger. It's the most important investment you can make at this time by any means possible

  8. The kind of calorie deficit you'd need to lose even close to 10 pounds in a week isn't remotely the kind of deficit you can maintain long term. That's the very meaning of "not sustainable." Going from a drastic calorie deficit to a reasonable one will mean regaining the water weight and then continuing back to the slower rate of weight loss that you seem to want to avoid. You might as well just do the slow, sustainable method from the start so you don't fall into the yo yo diet trap of losing with unsustainable methods and then gaining it all back.

  9. my starting weight was 373 in oct 2020. 25 now. and i’m here now feeling like i don’t see a huge difference. 5’10 so i guess the weight is distributed in a way that i can’t see it from the outside so much. It’s disappointing to think that it could go back to the way things were if i did lose 10 lbs in a week. I’m just trying to see if there was a way to accelerate things. I’m anxious to see 250

  10. I also want to say that you've made such amazing progress. From 373 to 285? That's insanely awesome! Please don't rock the boat and mess everything up when you've been doing so well for so long. Keep doing what's been working. Best wishes.

  11. I still feel like that 400 pound person sometimes regarding my stamina and pains. So i was just looking for the 10 lbs for a little boost. But you’re right. thank you for the encouragement!!

  12. It’s a lot like the pink and white covered (not iced) animal cookies with sprinkles. But fresh and delicious and warm instead of from a bag on a shelf. I would call that the inspiration though.

  13. I just re-read the description, and i do think the “melted white chips” are what they put on top.

  14. It’s going to be hard to accept. I was in your place december of last year. It’s gona take a while but ittl get better. I should have done it a long time ago. Be glad you got out now.

  15. I just came across your post and i’m struggling with the same thing 😭 there’s no way there’s only 311 calories in the big double burger i just ate 😭

  16. Just break my fast yesterday and down to 179. Total of 110 days without any refeeding in between!

  17. im glad you commented again because i need to get refocused. this is super motivating.

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