1. It’s one thing for like a high end simulation racing game like Forza. Although I’d still be annoyed if it didn’t have it. But for a wacky game like crusin i can’t imagine many people pouring a lot of hours into it single player. It’s not as engaging as those really good realistic racing games, I can totally put some good hours into those by myself. Crusin is fun and a classic but it’s not exactly a game with a lot of depth or incredible physics.

  2. ….yeah…who would be so ridiculous as to pour a bunch of hours into single player…pfft…Deffo not me…

  3. Wasn’t the question, but that’s good. I actually have yet to play it, but I did get the collection recently and plan on it after another jaunt through 1 & 2 (or actually, 2 first, then 1)

  4. If I had tons of fun with it, it's because the story was good to me. I don't know what's hard to understand here.

  5. I mean I hate that game so it doesn’t hit me at all but yes that is the clear intention.

  6. I’ve literally refused to play it thus far, though, I did just repurchase the collection on Switch (FOR TEN BUCKS!) so I may finally give it a go but… I really jet don’t see myself enjoying it, and I don’t want to trudge through something just because. I was so hyped and followed the development until near launch but was just more and more let down as things were revealed and explained - but mainly, the removal of the atmosphere honestly probably put me off the most, and from the very beginning.

  7. Uh thanks for the award - I wasn’t expecting that.

  8. How have I never thought of this? I do HVAC in the attics of Florida in the summer heat (well, year round but hey). I typically just play a gaming retrospective or something for background noise, but damnit this is such a spectacular idea.

  9. Yeah I used to work in a factory that barely had any pests in the production areas and we still had an occasional spider or roach come in when we opened shipments of boxes. You can literally not escape spiders. Bet they had them mfs on the international space station

  10. It’s like they said, you don’t have to concentrate to make a peace sign or give the middle finger - or to speak or look at a certain thing or listen in to a certain voice or direction, you just do!

  11. Now I’m just thinking of kitchen and food service related plasmids and I’m supposed to be sleeping…

  12. If only Technology had gotten there sooner, I may have stayed in the industry longer…

  13. For the poors yeah but if you could afford it there was probably a plasmid made that breaks the baby apart and lets you shoot out fetal tissue from your hand or something.

  14. Just had that with lacryphagy on keeper, busted as hell.

  15. I once had a item in Delete This that spawned him everytime I used it and dealt damage to the entire room and it had no charges lol

  16. Oh wait I had my threads confused sorry, you meant Henry! Haha that’s awesome I didn’t know they could proc Henry lol

  17. Wth I swear I saw that comment today ur talking about in the end

  18. Yeah I had replied to the wrong thread there was one talking about those enemies and something sinilar

  19. J&E literally unlock the most essential items in the game, Rock Bottom, Birthright, The Stairway, Magic Skin, Genesis and Damocles

  20. I got rock bottom yesterday though, it worked out pretty ok only took a few runs 🙌🏼

  21. I gotta get genesis and magic skin still

  22. If I am correct, one of Everything Jar’s 12 charge effects can give you a Defused Giga Bomb.

  23. If that’s the case it must be by chance? I use that jar all the time, and there is a bomb pickup charge but I always assumed it was standard bomb…?

  24. Like I said “12 charge effect”, if Everything Jar is used with the full 12 pips, than it activates 1 of 10(I think its 10) effects, one of those effects is spawning a Giga Bomb Pickup.

  25. I thought you meant one of its twelve different charge rewards - forgetting the twelfth cycled itself

  26. Neither. Just walk out of there like a badman

  27. 3506 says:

    Working on my last achievement in AB+ right now (Marathon).


  29. Dude you kidding me? I started on AB+ on Switch and have over 800hrs in just one file that’s about 85% complete lol. Holy shit great job.

  30. My guess would be the animation mod on the enemies, I can see they’re different.

  31. It actually isn't, it took me to the i am error room, where i got the spindown dice, luckily i had a fool card to go back and take this one screenshot

  32. Must have been some room generation error - as that is the whole point of the I AM ERROR room, after all. It’s all I can think of 🤔

  33. No matter how long i look, I can't see what's wrong.

  34. That door below him lead to an I AM ERROR room, they were able to telepill back for picture

  35. Lol I had double perfection thanks to R Key the other day, it was glorious

  36. I actually like pulse worm 🤷🏻‍♂️

  37. Midas with Tainted Maggie’s literally printing money - so dope

  38. What’s causing that? Trisagion with Azazel??

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