1. I had trouble deciding between Lilith and Roz.

  2. Poor Gil, he just wanted to do his monologue about his childhood romping through Surrey.

  3. Always wondered what he said when martin and daphnee were talking over him

  4. Also, the logistics of traveling to the Crane family’s favorite hang outs doesn’t make sense to me.

  5. Yes, it’s amazing how different people in Seattle act in the summer vs. the rest of the year. The constant doom and gloom, grey and rainy nearly every day for 9 months wears on a lot of people’s mental health in some way, shape, or form. A couple years back the CDC stated that Seattle was the most depressed metro area in the US. One year the sun did not come out for the whole month of January. Not exaggerating. But summer in Seattle is simply divine!

  6. I live on phx. The exact opposite sucks. Like it rained this weekend. The excitement we get from it is fucking insane.

  7. I can always recognize John lithgows voice from watching too much 3rd rock, he’s a caller on the show and he does Campbell soup commercials on tv too and you never see him in either

  8. Let's see! She weaseled her way in by claiming to think it was a live in position (we all know Martin goes everywhere by himself) She constantly snoops through the house, finds things she shouldn't and has ruined several items and glued or simply couldn't fix them. She acted like she was married to Niles to dodge an ex-boyfriend only to change her mind when she found out he was successful, yet was still dating Joe! She wore "babydoll" pajamas, comfortably, in a married man's house. Later, went over to the same man's house with full intentions of sleeping with him, but didn't get the chance. Then acts like that same man doesn't like her, when she knows he fully does, right up until she thinks the best moment to decide she likes him is by leaving a man at the altar!

  9. Yeah but divorce from Mel? 4 or 5 episodes of this shenanigans with pretending to be still married and suddenly they're divorced. And then Mel is never mentioned again.

  10. You reported mine. Got banned for 3 days for calling you dick. Even though that's your name.

  11. So what did we learn? Use that little noodle between your ears when you’re trying to argue

  12. Can you shoot me your email so I can curse you out properly. Without the threat of being banned.

  13. I wish the final season didn’t suck so bad, but it did. So many hastily penned character arcs coming to an abrupt end.

  14. Dunno why you're getting thumbs down, no one seems able to translate it. haha

  15. The series changed after season 7. Niles pining for daphnee was such a key element. 8 9 10 and 11 are the 4 worst to me.

  16. Oh my god. That is really crazy. It brings me a lot of warmth to know that it helped you. A few people reached out and said something similar.

  17. Frasier's Imaginary Friend. I love the episode but it's so frustrating.

  18. Martin insisting Eddie be taken on a walk at exactly 10pm. There is literally no reason Frasier and Niles couldn't have taken Eddie on a walk before and after their Mongolian throat singing concert. It's such a stupid plot point.

  19. Ok , hurts a little to see Kenny pictured here . I thought he was a funny addition to the cast that provided a good foil to Frasier at work. Similarly in the way Martin is to him while at home.

  20. He was too low brow for the show. We already had one low brow character in bulldog. And after season 5 he provided no foil. Kate was better at that

  21. When sherry keeps fucking up frasier dates. And Eddie is looking at the food. Frasier says Oh go ahead

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