1. For me it’s about association and word of mouth

  2. I remember one time on Halloween, I was at six flags with my friends and it was hella pack with traffic trying to get out. My homeboy had brung a cart and I was tapping that mf like crazy because I was stuck with a chick who had bad breath 😷 but anyways I fell asleep in a six flags parking lot and woke up in jack and the box drive through with my friends.

  3. I use my roaches for pregame after work before I roll another one

  4. All you do is just roll it without any crutch and then make sure you have a lil extra paper sticking out when you put in the filter, after that just stuff the paper inside the filter

  5. Trust me, try rice papers. Elements are my favorites.

  6. Carts don’t do shit to me. D8 or d9 it never gets me high when everyone else around me gets whacked

  7. If you can get 4 carts for 15$ you’re not gonna hit it it’s gonna hit u my brudda

  8. Oh trust me I didn’t buy that shit, it had finger prints all over it and shii 🥴

  9. If it’s full spectrum which usually means cannabis terpenes are used I don’t know why you would add botanicals on top of that?

  10. You don’t want FedEx handling your package 😭

  11. You know people could just reverse search this picture 🥸

  12. you're stoned! she was just waiting for you to pass the joint

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