1. No, the whole point of the system is to finish the quest and get the charge.


  3. Well, something is missing there to make high ilvl stuff…

  4. I agree, and that's their problem not mine. So in the mean time I'll keep commenting based on my preferences and not "what most people do".

  5. And you will get replies telling you that it's a you problem because other people are playing in a different way and therefore giving shortcuts to higher ilvl gear is not going to happen.

  6. Imo the big problem is that it’s a blanket buff for all bosses. It should be a range of like 10-25% depending on boss design. A big hp buff on some bosses just snowballs way too hard when they also have immunity phases or fuck off during the fight (SBG worm) or require target switches

  7. Here is the perspective of the developers:

  8. But they wouldn't die too fast. That's literally not true. And hell even if that were a concern, it would only be a concern for trash. Bosses on fort take the correct amount of time. On tyrannical weeks it's just annoying.

  9. Bosses in fortified with lust fall over very quickly

  10. That's just literally not true, unless you're talking about low keys, but once you get into the 20s that is just literally not true.

  11. Credit cards. Very important to market Lost Ark

  12. They lured me in with their backend but all I get to do is the front end

  13. They don’t want to be rude, but they sure do look bored lol

  14. anyone else had their revival catalyst quest just vanish from your questlog and the progress reset to 0%?

  15. RLP is just annoying becaus every single pack basically has something that can truck your entire party if you don't deal with it (and, at the end, thunderstorms that truck your party regardless of what you do).

  16. So we are at a point where healers complain that they actually have to heal?

  17. Smart move, she's the least likely to have sexual assault allegations in the next year.

  18. Apparently everybody's main class needs a buff...

  19. They really should buff prevoker. Like give them a mass combat res or something

  20. Useless meetings are their style of humor

  21. The best time to grow a tree make that achievement account wide was years ago. The second best time is now.

  22. No cap, a played a lot of different shit while SL was up, like divinity

  23. Man, i really want to play Divinity but every time I try my metamonkey brain takes over and I always try to figure out what the best choice gameplay wise is, literally minmaxing the fun out of the experience.

  24. the problem is that I'm spending too much time thinking about the best solution, the best answer, the best power increase, that I eventually don't do any of that and stop playing

  25. DHs are either undying AOE gods or the worst, most toxic players, no middle ground

  26. I guess I’m not playing high enough keys to get to experience those undying gods. All the DHs in my groups have the reflex to use eye beam whenever there is an aoe underneath them

  27. I love morons hating DHs in every post without any knowledge of what it's like to play this spec.

  28. So playing DH is a tough life these days?

  29. It is still harder for a non meta class to do endgame content, why he MUST do his Key and only his Key? While other classes can Join and play what they want anytime

  30. You are delusional to think that anyone can just join and play anytime.

  31. I didn’t say this game is perfect, just that you are delusional. There isn’t this secret meta handshake that gets you into groups instantly.

  32. I’d actually like to see UBRS from WoD again simply for the fact that you never see it anymore since it’s not part of timewalking

  33. no, you just passive-aggressively talk about someone else, trying to make them look like a fool, while also pinging them, so that they get notified how you are making fun of them. That doesn't make you an asshole, right? Calling someone an asshole makes them an asshole. That's how it goes apparently.

  34. I think it’s just that some people don’t vary their tactics by affix. Under some of the affixes it works out fine because you can burn the group down quick enough that the groups interrupt cd’s don’t get overwhelmed.

  35. the amount of times I had to remind tanks not to chain pull this week is astounding. Who doesn't want to start a trash fight with them having 15%+ extra hp and 20%+ extra dmg for no other reason than not being able to wait for 3 seconds before the last mob dies...

  36. i think you don't understand how logs work for people who are still gearing and have bad stats on items. Also, I mentioned how I went with friends and had high latency, therefore i'm doomed from heroic pugs like, forever?

  37. Why should they give you a chance? Why? Be honest, would you give yourself a chance if you created that group and there are dozens of players with better stats on paper? Better ilvl, better logs, etc.

  38. no, i'm totally fine with that. But checking logs from when I had mediocre ilevel without a single pull on the boss is a whole another level for me

  39. You clearly don’t understand how logs work

  40. Can you clarify? When I make a new one and use it it’s under the name I gave it. But if I log off then back on it changes to “ DEFAULT LOADOUT”. Is the default now the one I named before log out or do I have to load it up again. This happens all the time.

  41. happens to my warrior alt all the time. I login, change some talents and keybinds around, go into a dungeon and all the changes are reverted because apparently after logging in it put me in "default loadout" but after porting into the dungeon it loaded my actual loadout I want to play with. So I made all those changes to the wrong loadout.

  42. Honestly no. I've never screwed this part up. Mistake I make is press new instead of import

  43. Yup. Start a new loadout, give it a name, press create or whatever the button is called and then

  44. There’s no issue with the odor of your house if you clean it regularly especially if you use litter sand. As long as you have a designated (outdoor) place for them to do their business, there will be no smell. Really depends from owner to owner.

  45. Cats smell like cats. Many cats smell very strongly like cats.

  46. I guess you're right Thundering is just a boring ass affix

  47. Agreed. Thundering is a horrible seasonal affix and it’s especially annoying because next season will have completely different dungeons. None of the current 8 dungeons will see a cool seasonal affix.

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