1. I don’t know if this is true, but I heard of a woman who put fake blood capsules in her mouth and would then “bleed” out of her mouth uncontrollably when harassed.

  2. Excellent plan, if you need more money to buy food, just save more money

  3. That sounds delicious, can I ask what you’re using it for?

  4. attempting to make lemon shortbread cookies with a raspberry curd filling or topping! but i think im gonna have to make a slight change to the overall plan. i plan on posting a photo tomorrow when i finish everything

  5. Nothing will happen until we disrupt the economy severely. Don’t ask me how to do that and Americans will never put their needs before work in fear of being fired. It’s fucked.

  6. The superstonk subreddit seems to be trying to do just that.

  7. How's the weather where you are? I hope it's nice, because it seems like you should set your phone down and go outside for a while.

  8. Omg…I’m dying. I actually busted out laughing. I couldn’t put my finger on what I was thinking while reading this post. That pretty much sums it up.

  9. I would be if we’d stayed. We moved to Canada. I remember quite clearly - we were in the process of moving, packing up our boxes, doing inventory for the customs aspect of bringing a whole bunch of shit into a new country, and I was kinda in that emotional “I cognitively think we’re doing the right thing for our family, but all of our friends are here, we’re close to my MIL here, wow this is a big change” state. And then Parkland happened. That was when everything emotionally clicked. I remember how easily terrified I was by religious paranoia as a kid, and school shootings are a lot more “real” than Sunday Laws (it’s an SDA thing), and just imagining my kid being subjected to that. I couldn’t do it.

  10. Do you need to have a job in Canada to move there? We’re in the US and both work remotely.

  11. I think this is an attempt at flirting. I remember this from high school.

  12. Help me out, what’s the thought process behind screaming “BIDEN” or “THE DEMS” about every single thing no matter how disconnected it is from politics? Like, what’s the obsession? It’s really weird.

  13. Substitute the nature of what is being said with radical Muslims, and you’ll see you’re spreading hate speech. The big rule in Christianity is treat others and you would like to be treated. Christianity is not the problem. Entitled wackjobs and broken criminal justice and education systems are

  14. What? Radical Muslims are a problem too. Radicals of any religion are a problem.

  15. I literally have pneumonia, and my husband said he needs me to get better because “ it’s so hard being the healthy parent”. Guess who is still putting baby down for bed and changed three diapers, made sure she was fed, etc all day today?

  16. JFC. Yes, I helped with our twins hours after having my gallbladder removed.

  17. Omg lock the fridge! I wouldn’t even hesitate.

  18. For non-degreed, no certification employment, probably some of the best wage and benefit jobs around in SC.

  19. I feel like this is one of those where you reach the point in the hiring process when it’s time to discuss wages and they say “oh no, this is up to $20” or “oh the 401k starts at one year.”

  20. Ok, I’m taking the bait…what’s with the fish fingers references?

  21. MB here…holy mother of god, block her number. You did the absolute correct thing.

  22. Welp…no visits to grandma and grandpa’s then

  23. Wow. Look at all the places in green that I would never want to live

  24. That's adorable! (Missing them when they go to sleep). Maybe it's just the sleep deprivation getting the better of me.

  25. Please don’t despair! It gets better and amazing.

  26. No. Women being great people is just unnoticed, unappreciated, or expected as a default.

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