1. We can also send you proof of previous cashouts from our foreign players

  2. Via Usdt trc 20, you can add me and my club owner in fb

  3. If you started coughing really loudly you could have gotten the elevator to yourself

  4. I kind of did this on march something 2022 before the lockdowns here in the ph, im in a crowded bus and its my stop but i cant get off, then i started coughing super loud and just like that im like moses having his way

  5. Morg and amumu for fast clear, rammus, nunu for initiators and ls for early ganking

  6. If you like videos, Run It Once’s “From The Ground Up” or the Upswing Lab. If you prefer books, Pete Clarke’s “The Grinder’s Manual” is the best-reviewed, and what I’ve used. I’m not part of the upswing lab but I have buddies who’ve subscribed and they say it’s very good. From the ground up is also by Clarke and is a little bit more updated but is a lot of the same basic content. It focuses a bit more on reads (via hud) and exploitative deviations from equilibrium than upswing’s content from what my friends have said but both will provide a theoretically sound intro to poker strategy.

  7. thanks my guy ill look into these three

  8. Jyp fucked her, got pregnant, went back to japan to give birth

  9. When you pull copies of a card that take you past a full playset, the extra copies get converted to a currency that can be used to purchase individual cards.

  10. To hop on to this discussion, in terms of books, Modern Poker Theory by Michael Acevedo is pretty much the "current meta" and bible when it comes to catching up your play to current GTO knowledge. So much good information in there for both tournament and cash players.

  11. Rn ptglive is not out yet. Only in beta. Personally i like the loom of ptcgo more and will play it until the servers go down and we have to switch to live. What you want to play is all up to you but be aware that once you log your account into live, you can not go back to ptcgo

  12. Is trading still a thing in ptcgo live? Like trading cards for packs

  13. Its big enough to tell that you are probably a winning player. Not big enough to have accurate roi tho

  14. What is a decent roi for like 1k tournaments?

  15. I play mostly cash but play 1 or 2 tournaments day

  16. Depends on how many tables you play at one time. More tables = bigger bankroll needed.

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