1. While I think that’s true, I think you can really see that they had ALA planned pretty much from the get go, and they didn’t with Korra. With Airbender everything is really lain out in advance, with lots of foreshadowing or worldbuilding surrounding it, often more than a season ahead.

  2. Yea true. Unfortunately that actually had to do with Bryke’s contract with Nickelodeon when the series was pitched. Each season had to be its own contained story. It also didn’t really help that Korra only had 5 writers whereas Avatar had like 30.

  3. The dialogue can be incredibly mediocre to just bad. The overarching story is damn good and I like aloys character arc but man the way these people talk just bothers me sometimes

  4. It's weird because she's playing mainly for the story, but is really impatient about listening to said story

  5. ?? What’s wrong with her liking both? Nothing is wrong with being bi. I feel that most people secretly are anyways

  6. There’s nothing wrong with it at all. Just the way you worded your statement made it sound like you think she’s only into women.

  7. Kinda surprised some people don’t know they toured with Metallica, considering the Live in Texas show was them opening for Metallica lol.

  8. Why do people think that the wasp died? People survive much harder hits from airbending from much closer.

  9. If you look at the scene in slow mo, then you can see it being split in two

  10. The one by the Golden Gate Bridge is one of my favorites, and I think the other one I’m thinking of is the same as yours. The first time I saw it I thought it was a weird shaped mountain lol

  11. Yeah, that's not a bad choice, being the "original" Xero singer, it could work (if he is still in good shape)

  12. Mark has mentioned several times (and Mike has mentioned) that he hates performing/singing.

  13. Yea. Mike mentioned on his live stream a couple years ago that Mark would always freak out and have an anxiety attack before performances.

  14. Yeah she definitely is ALL IN , but I don’t feel any sympathy towards her. I’d be annoyed at the earthbender Queen for sure and the history . But she was taken in and Mentored by a Beifong . She had a family.

  15. I feel like that title belongs to the hunting party. That album had very little promo

  16. It's quite obviously a fake too, I don't understand why people were losing their minds

  17. Mostly because their music kept up or were ahead of current trends in the music world.

  18. Kinda weird to be replying to a year old comment, but I was not at all talking about Chin in my post. I was talking about a character from the novels

  19. Yup, Florida disappearance is consistent with a 70m sea-level rise that's predicted with total ice caps melt. The Gulf of California extends all the way north to the Salton Sea.

  20. The only problem I have with this is that the sea level is almost the exact same when you compare to the Golden Gate Bridge and other areas around San Francisco. If it truly was a 70m rise is sea levels then the water should be ~5m from the deck of the bridge.

  21. I wish there was some subtle dialectical differences between tribes. Languages evolve all the time. No way English would remain the same universally. They should create some wacky English creoles in Horizon 3.

  22. You’re right. The English language has changed a lot in the past few hundred years let alone the past 700-800. Although I’m fairly certain that’s just there for us players to understand them. Quite a few games do that.

  23. Fr tho. I had like 3 downvotes. Like not one y’all can tell me what this is instead of disliking my comment? Lol

  24. More Info. That's Klee, a Bomb chucking, fish blasting, ever cheerful Spark Knight from the game Genshin Impact.

  25. those things were already inevitable even if Apollo had worked there would still be wars and massacres and sacrifices just like today 👱‍♂️ It's just human nature (good people and bad people)

  26. I’m sorry but sacrifices to gods that don’t exists hasn’t been a thing for thousands of years, so I doubt that “those things were inevitable.” Wars maybe, but nothing else.

  27. Tbf. Those are examples of shows that take place during a fantasy version of Medieval Europe, which (Medieval Europe) was quite diverse contrary to popular belief. Not to mention most of the diversity comes from species that literally do not exist (elves, hobbits etc.)

  28. Given Up,while a great song, is so overrated by the fan base because of one scream…it’s not even the best part of the vocals.

  29. Honestly, please someone explain why the majority think War is the heaviest LP song ever?

  30. War is technically their heaviest song. Even the band members went on record to state this

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