1. I know no one asked for it, but the reason there are so many crazy shit in mythologies, is because what WE know as the Greek pantheon (and the Greek "people" in general) are a bunch of different stories that said fro different cultures and with different views, then a guy saw it and went "oh yeah, their story is about our god", and so on and so forth on until a psycho decided to get the most of those stories written down as he could and we use that.

  2. Ya, Zeus likely didn't start out sex crazy, rather he just got sex crazy after several neighboring cultures had been absorbed into the Greek culture of things.

  3. Wolfenstein is an example of what to do to a Nazi when you meet one.

  4. Welcome to kek or cringe with the van der linde gang

  5. Lol, almost the same. I loved a few fire fights in the beginning, but my the time i met vito, and the repetitiveness caught on, im like, nah, I rather watch it, then play it.

  6. I'm still disappointed on the combat system of that game compared to Mafia 2. Mafia 2 was nice and weighty, giving each weapon a 'tick' of sorts with how it handled. Mafia 3 felt like every gun weighed the same as a feather.

  7. Ya, seriously. Humans have watched people beat each other, stab, explode, torture, and murder ourselves for well over thousands of years. It's nothing new, it's just at what length you're willing to tolerate the violence.

  8. You could connect them to a track and have them follow in a very small space at a really slow speed.

  9. It really is just the most fascinating thing huh? A war that spun rapidly out of control and laid the groundwork for the next century of the warfare, global politics, technological advances, cultural shifts, and ideological movements? And that's not even talking about all the fascinating battles, weapons, leaders, and stories that came out of it.

  10. Bed of Chaos easily, no other fight is even close to that level of frustrating. There is no way to beat it that doesn’t feel like you’re either cheesing or just managing to fluke it

  11. I guess this could technically be a cheese but I honestly disagree with that statement because it took me a bit of trial and error to figure out a decent strategy that applies for all.

  12. While that’s a very good strategy the fact you’re having to swap armours mid fight and 2 hand a greatshield just highlights that at its core the design behind BoC is missing the mark.

  13. It is shit, but that's why I had to figure out a better way than just death rushing it all the time and hoping for the best. BoC is part of the reason I want to see a Dark Souls 1 (and 2) remake and brought up to DS3's standards of quality.

  14. Skin colours tried to generate red , blue or purple skin and it didn't generate anything close to the colour

  15. Similar experience. I've tried to get a specific look with a 'zombified look' filtered onto it but I can't exactly get the art to come out correctly.

  16. Several areas of my world will need an artist to go over it, but a very basic one is likely going to be the The Walled Fortress of Avarini.

  17. And then the industrial/scientific revolution happens and modern science is combined with magic to give magic a massive comeback... Or at least that's what happens in my magic setting.

  18. This also happens in my setting. It's around the 1600s that magic abilities start getting merged with other technology but still get moved into a support role. By the time the 4000s hit, magic and technology are for the most part one in the same with few differences.

  19. And, imo, it's not a terrible idea. It was bad enough getting calls from my grandparents thinking they "deleted the internet" and I would be on the phone having to teach them how to add the desktop icon back. God help me if I had to teach them how to install the web browser if they actually deleted the only web browser on their computer.

  20. Pretty sure that if malenia found out between nuking radahn (and by extension caelid) and waking up from her long coma she would’ve stormed mohg’s dynasty like she did caelid. With a metric fuckton of cleanrot knights and herself in charge, if only we could converse with her before the fight…something like crossbreed precilla in DS where you can avoid fighting her

  21. I've said before we should be able to go into Mohg's fight and retrieve an Amulet from in front of Miquella, die, then go do the first phase of Melania's fight where you get an alternative cutscene of the Tarnished presenting the amulet to her.

  22. Oh boy, this is a topic that has nothing to do with but everything to do with a part of my world.

  23. Disregarding all of the reasons that it's wack, it's kind of unclear how AI helps you here. Formulating sentences seems like... an embarrassingly basic thing to need help with

  24. Ya, this is generally why I don't understand the whole obsession with the writing AIs. I'm sure they're relatively helpful but I don't think they do anything better than what a human can. I can find usage in an art AI because it makes it possible to visualize details or ideas that you may not have considered before.

  25. It honestly looks like something I'll see in a future Assassin's Creed game. lmao

  26. Travelling the UK at the moment and came across this piece in a museum where the gauntlet has 2 guns attached to it with a dagger or bayonet of sorts. It's unknown if it was ever utilized in combat as some form of actual weapon or not but either way I think it looks metal as fuck.

  27. I still can't find my dwemer boys, may never again, cos if it ain't rock and stone they ain't coming home!

  28. They got yeeted into non-existium by a machine bro, they ain't coming back.

  29. See this one of those kinks that are hot in concept but weird and incesty in execution

  30. That tower would also function as a really nice plothook, especially if it were to fall under threat of destruction or failure.

  31. Its most likely a nod to Dark Souls. Anor Londo being the city/kingdom of the gods/light/the sun.

  32. People take the statement that From's series are unconnected too much at face value. They may never explicitly tie them together but they exist as a sort of metaseries where they build upon each other thematically and things have dual meanings. I mean hell, Elden Ring is loaded with duality already, it's not a stretch to assume a description can both be taken at face value as being about a place in this game as well as a meta commentary on other parts of the series that could also be intended to communicate some idea of what the Seat of the Sun was like in Elden Ring's world while rewarding knowledge of the metaseries' lore.

  33. My take on it is this: I enjoy the mega-timeline theory because I enjoy large scale worldbuilding. From's worlds leave a lot of potential to be connected so I imagine they're all connected. Like how you have to connect spearheads to certain civilizations in archaeology to know only a partial truth to the story, this is how I view those worlds and the content within them.

  34. you need to do all her quest and exhaust all of her dialogue to get her dere mode. especially after the proposal.

  35. And it's even better because the two of you wage an eternal war against the Gods and I like to imagine after some point it's just Doom Slayer-Tarnished wrecking house while carrying Isabelle-Ranni around for moral support on their shoulder.

  36. I remember not being able to beat the second level ala The Lion King for SNES. If I'm not just hallucinating this, I played it again a few years ago and that difficulty was only an illusion for children.

  37. Part of the difficulty with the Cyberchase game though is that it's got somewhat floaty controls when platforming, a weird camera angle, and enemies that are frustrating to deal with. That's what I'm remembering though as I haven't played the game in years.

  38. Nah, we're just silent in the dark corners because we're scared that talking about wanting to top someone comes off as creepy and perverted. 😞

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