1. Not sure where you are at, I'll hand you a beer, good one, but you'll have to drink it on your own.

  2. Weird that you want hourly input ,yet you list annual income in K value or am I missing something?

  3. I went to one at Rickenbacker years ago and really enjoyed it. I also enjoy the Air Force museum in Dayton so I may be a nerd.

  4. Not a chance our pics go there, it's not even a thought really.

  5. Used to chase those cats off my restaurant's property...real fast- no bugging my guests. There occasionally was someone that got pissed at me for it ,didn't give a shit tbh

  6. Hoagie City sells their Amarosa rolls, don't think you'll find better but I'd go Audinos as well.

  7. My wife and I bought tickets to the Planet Hollywood/Easton VIP Gala in 1999. We didn't know what to wear so we decided to dress up. I wore a tux and she had a beautiful gown. When we got there, there was a red carpet and as we walked in there were people along the side waiting to see celebrities come thru on the red carpet. There was a guy who worked in my building who happened to recognize me and he yelled "Hey I know that guy" and suddenly everyone thought I was some star or something and people took all kinds of pictures. It was the only time I ever got the full VIP treatment anywhere.

  8. I was a important part of Cheesecake Factory opening around the same time, Easton was electric then ,jezz!

  9. There was a popular bar by Texas Roadhouse on bethel in the 8 0's maybe where BW3 is now. I noticed an lady who looked positively uncomfortable with the two dudes around her so I...walked up as if I knew her with a greeting. Then the creepy dudes moved away a bit. I find out she has a weak grasp on English, but we communicate as young people will, really having fun. It turns out she was the daughter of Dagmar Celeste, married to the governor of Ohio and creepy dudes were bodyguards whom she'd shooed off. Funny got the governor mansions number and never had the guts to call. Lol life is weird especially in the 80's!

  10. Yeah fucking stupid...mine never really did. Columbus decided who's life/ job/business was acceptable, Ever met a genius bureaucratic?

  11. Government learned during the pandemic they call call out any shit they want and we'll eat between. Wheat accountability all the hammer, truth hurts to hell with the small businesses

  12. Name a federal program that has ever reached its goal and went away....

  13. No carafagnas at kingdale area the store at 5 pt was A &P

  14. Wait maybe carafagnas was there after AP lol its early

  15. Not many crossroads, but be aware of things like of the best motorcycle roads around. Be wary of blind rises and turns. Some are tight and the others will lanch you if new and aggressive lol have fun!

  16. I lived there in the beginning of its revitalization at Dennison above the Victorian Village deli . It was supposed to be a dangerous area, maybe but I never had worries, just hookers and such. It appears alot more dangerous now, I never worried about being robbed or shot...which seems a weekly/daily occurrence these days. Sad.

  17. I rarely have an issue at Huntington....including business banking when we used them.

  18. Not sure if I'm being messed with, but a nickname for Columbus

  19. I have had many healthy dogs that make it through the workday...not sure how they do it, my German Shepard doesn't even want to go out until I'm home about an hour lol

  20. It's at Scioto Park north of Bridgepark ..nice little Park btw

  21. 1st course choices would be Scioto and Muirfield....but no. Champions , York good. There's a public course in Dublin or Safari isn't horrible. If one of your group has a OSU connection play Scarlet course. South of Columbus is Firefox I think it's still public.

  22. Corruption. Our government is a failure. We have moved the needle zero on food deserts, social justice, education, safety, or housing. Just the little things.

  23. Food deserts are caused not planned, I worked across the street from giant eagle at Busch/161and did our daily banking there...watched die slowly for years until the end. No one bought the section shunk until you could have had an F1 race between displays...sad.

  24. The worst name currently used by some is - Arch City. Period.

  25. Yeah I think people should trust their well-being to some device that no one maintains and is ridden or messed with by someone who thinks that is funny....ya'll go ride!

  26. They still had the restaurant...took dates, cool place, don't really remember the it must not have sucked lol

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