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  1. I understand what you're trying to say, but there's a couple of problems with that statement.

  2. Ashkenazim are European. Just because you entered Europe more recently than other Europeans doesn't erase that fact. 2000 years in Europe? Sounds pretty European to me. I don't care how badly they treated you.

  3. Biofrost was one of the best supports last year. Ignar hasn’t done well for several years.

  4. Ignar was literally a top support on EG. At least in the middle of the pack like 4th or 5th.

  5. Man I played a Leona+MF game vs Malph+KSante yesterday. Thought it would be easy lane until L6, boy was I wrong. We fought when we were L2 and they L1 and still got utterly demolished

  6. No fight, only poke. Learn from playing ranged tops. If they can touch you before being low HP, you're going to get clapped.

  7. Bro he got hard diffed in isolation by a 17 yo NA Midlaner in his first year of competitive and got diffed by every mid in playoffs?

  8. Constantly diffed by Bjergsen and Jensen. Diffed by Jojo. Diffed by Perkz, Humanoid, Caps, and Larssen constantly.

  9. Dude, this shit is crazy. I'll never get over how many people were gunning to cancel callmecarson and dream when they flirted with 17 year olds at the age of 19.

  10. Really sad he's not with us but super happy he's still around and playing well 😊

  11. Tbf lets not act like it was anything more than a 2v5 with a hint of Kaiser lol

  12. Monte said on some show that Diplex wasn't doing too hot in scrims.

  13. Huh, almost like the term "sexual coercion" gives people false impressions of what is coercive behavior.

  14. Huh, almost like the term "sexual coercion" gives people false impressions of what is coercive behavior.

  15. A lot of rape is "unenthusiastic consent" in the form of implied threats of violence in the case of non-consent. Women have heard plenty of horror stories about non-consent costing folks their lives, so it's pretty out of touch to say "Pestering is not coercion."

  16. The power dynamic is the issue. As an influencer and tall guy, Andrew had disproportionate social and physical power.

  17. You sound like you are trying really hard to make a good point, but you're being pretty vague...

  18. Consent must be enthusiastic, not coerced or manipulated, and not given under unfair power dynamics. This is NOT CONSENSUAL.

  19. you know that’s not what i’m talking about so please spare the bad faith arguments

  20. If I make "pestering attempts" towards you and you say no, then I continue to grab you, stick my hand down your pants, and pressure you until you say "yes", that is rape. I have coerced you into this situation.

  21. It's the weekend so you can keep waiting. I don't get paid overtime to teach you basic human empathy and critical thinking skills.

  22. That logic is dangerous, you can have that opinion sure but applying that broadly as blanket statement across an entire gender / group is fundamentally.

  23. LMAO you need to touch an incredible amount of grass. You're the sickest debate pervert I've seen in a minute.

  24. Jesus have you ever met a person? Yes having guy in your bed begging you for sex is a threat. Simply by placing yourself between a direction of escape and another person you can be threatening. Someone refusing you to leave your house while repeatedly asking for sex from a tired drunk woman in her bed. While also utterly refuse to take 'no' for an answer is very damn threatening.

  25. I'm going to treat you like Vaush would if he had to interact with someone so ridiculously stupid. I tried being charitable and walking you through the logic. Go take a class of logic and another on philosophy. Actually, get a degree in it to be sure you over come this severe cognitive deficit.

  26. I think you have issues and a superiority complex. It's not a great combo. You had to type all of this from me pointing out how flawed your logic was.

  27. You don't know what pressure means. You don't know what an implied threat is. You fail at any understanding of logic, which is funny that you think you can discuss a flaw in my logic. Your logic is as faulty as people that automatically assume cross dressing is sexual.

  28. The churches that Paul wrote to were the originals. They were not Catholic.

  29. No, the ekklesia, or church, in Jerusalem led by James the Just, the brother of Jesus, was the original.

  30. We get it, NA at worlds. No one gives a fuck, move on old man

  31. That means he made it again. Fucking insane to go to Worlds that many times. It would be 9 times in a row, and he did it on DIG.

  32. If not coercion, what term would you use? Is this not an antisocial behavior meant to influence the behavior of others?

  33. I never used the term sexual assault, and how is harassment not coercive?

  34. Sexual coercion is sexual assault. If you coerce someone into sexual acts, that is sexual assault. That is the

  35. Armut beats the MAD Lions in WQS. Armut makes Worlds, MAD Lions finds a new low for EU fans.

  36. Holy shit, imagine if this is how Jensen continues his legacy of making Worlds. Just like his first year where they created the Gauntlet so the 7th place C9 could make it, Jensen goes to an underdog org to scrape into Worlds by the skin of his teeth as a 4th seed the first year it's created.

  37. Sorry but there’s no world where someone from the South named Stetson Bennet IV could be considered an underdog. That’s just the rules.

  38. I take offense to this, sir. My name is worse than that. I've literally seen a CEO with my name, but my middle name is even more obnoxious. And we're all from Georgia.

  39. If meaningful art is above meaningless art, why care about AI art then? I assume AI is not able to create something meaningful.

  40. AI programs are literally trained using "adversarial" networks that try to do a better and better job at fooling a discriminator AI. So no, it's not a matter of time, these programs already exist as part of the training process. You won't magically be able to make a program that is better at discriminating because then you'd be able to instantly use it in training and make the AI better at fooling said discriminator.

  41. Yeah, it's literally an impossible fight. People who are just getting into AI or grappling with where we're headed are funny.

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