1. What kind of magical enrollment is this? Or is this just a tiny campus?

  2. On this topic, does anyone know of an API or service that validates the existence of a citation? I've seen something like this for articles but not for books.

  3. We should look into programming a software that catches AI using ChatGPT.

  4. I've been tossing that idea around in my head. So far, Python with

  5. I started as Castti and she is easily my least favorite member of my team. It's a shame that I cannot sub her out of the group for someone else. Her Apothecary skills kind of annoy me since they use up items so quickly against enemies.

  6. Here's a tip for Cassti: she's incredible with the merchant support skills.

  7. Can you elaborate on “merchant support skills”? Are you talking about her path actions?

  8. Merchant support skills give full latent power and +1 BP at the start of battle. That's basically a free concoct right at the start, and full power in turn 2. She can AoE break wind, light, and dark very quickly, or you could buff everyone up.

  9. I mentioned this in another thread: recasting everything (including exit tickets) as an opportunity to add points, and reminding them that they started the semester at zero points, tends to help them see any point they can get as worth it. It's not a perfect solution, but it has helped. They seem to think they start at 100% and only see themselves losing their perfect score. No idea why, or when it started, just that it's the mindset they are carrying now.

  10. This reminds me of World of Warcraft. They used to have a penalty to gaining experience points if you'd gained so much experience in a short time frame. It was very unpopular, and it was later reframed. Now, players get bonus experience points in the form of a "rested" bonus. The complaints disappeared, but the numbers didn't truly change.

  11. I'm a professor, and I'd be pissed to hear one student was taking pictures of another without their consent. I'd want to hear about it.

  12. zxo says:

    One of my proudest moments was using the "inspect element" feature to figure out how to access the video scroll bar during one of these trainings.

  13. I once used inspect element to delete a gigantic sidebar on a student's screen during a research course. With the reaction I got, you would've thought I cast a magic spell.

  14. I just say “FromSoft games”. It’s less letters and is more concise

  15. That would include the Lost Kingdoms games as well, which are definitely not soulsborne.

  16. I have PTSD, and it seems like those who don't have it have zero understanding of it. It's not about avoiding content, it's about being mentally prepared enough to read something that aggravates my PTSD. If I have to read about abuse and suicide for a class (real assignment I had in uni), I need to be mentally prepared for that. Otherwise, my PTSD gets worse and my 3 nightmares per night come back in full force.

  17. It's a little trick, but when I think I've been unfairly criticized, I run with it and exaggerate it. For example, you're a terrible professor gets "yes, I'm the worst professor in the world. Anyways, back to the topic." Another example: your assignments take too much time gets "yes, my assignments are the longest and hardest in the world. Anyways, back to the rubric." It's a great way to take back control.

  18. I've found that hesitant students usually want time to plan. More often than not, I'll put a discussion question up and it may be a few minutes before they start speaking. They'll often write down their ideas first. Pair share also helps with this. It's a bit less stressful to awkwardly hash out your ideas with one person than it is with a full class (even with only 8). When I post a question, I give them some time to plan, then time to talk with a partner, and then I move into bigger group discussions.

  19. I wouldn't say I'm territorial, but I do expect to walk in to a relatively clean room with a clean whiteboard. I always leave it as such after my classes. It does infuriate me when other instructors steal my supplies/materials, and I will call them out on it. Hopefully they get to the room before the students do.

  20. I only recently learned that the "purple" health recovery items were actually blue!

  21. NTA. Don't forget about the Title IX office. They exist for this reason.

  22. I lost my best friend to matrimony as well. His wife never liked me much, and we lost touch. She makes him happy, and I guess that's what matters in the end.

  23. We have an Office of Institutional Research that posts data dashboards of success and retention rates per semester. It also includes the expected success rate for comparison. You may have a similar resource.

  24. This reminds me of plurality and systems, an interesting thing I read about some years ago.

  25. As someone who hosts events all the time, still go if you get a late invite. Sometimes plans are last minute so everyone got a last minute invite not just you. And even if I invite somebody late cause someone cancelled that doesn't mean I don't want them there tf? If I didn't want them there I wouldn't send an invite and with my small house I can't invite all my friends due to space limitations cause if I could I'd invite both from the start.

  26. Enough people have told me "it was a last minute thing" and were lying that I wouldn't believe this for a second.

  27. I'm a mandated reporter, and it's always tough. The procedure I have to follow is very strict, and there are no exceptions whatsoever. Even when part of their trauma involves the police.

  28. I have PTSD, so I get it. Trigger warnings allow me to mentally prepare myself. If I know that a reading has a topic that will aggravate my PTSD, then I can make sure I'm in the right headspace to deal with it. I don't understand why people are so against a simple thing that doesn't affect them.

  29. Just because someone is nice to you doesn't mean that they're good to you. It explains why hanging out with some people always made me feel shitty, even when they were otherwise friendly.

  30. In our system, we have multiple drop dates. The drop roster for census is designed to catch students who've done nothing from the very beginning. But we also can drop students up until a certain date. Ideally, this student would've been dropped so that they can get a W instead of an F. But ultimately, that's the student's responsibility.

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