1. That’s a happy looking plant my friend, I’d get rid of the leaves sitting in your pot tho, breeding ground for nasty shit

  2. Start of Cal/mag deficiency I reckon since changing to LEDs.

  3. Oh shoulda mentioned, I switched to LED halfway through last grow, so these two have been under LED the whole ride. You’re right though I definitely reckon I’m in lockout

  4. If you are currently feeding the same feeding schedule as you were with the HID set up, I recommend less water at a higher EC concentration fertigation might fix the issue.

  5. Appreciate you! Will up the EC tonight and see how we go

  6. Banana peel works great too, just don’t forget about it like I have, lost half a pound to mould last year 😂😂😂

  7. Had a squizz after I got the email. Great work

  8. U sure you haven’t gotten water/nutes on your leaves when feeding?

  9. The way I’ve tried to explain CBD to friends (especially for anxiety) “it’s not what you feel when you take it, it’s what you don’t feel” 🤷‍♂️

  10. I live in Australia, I found a great white shark and a crocodile in my tent last weekend, I know your pain 😫

  11. You can but you have to be careful I know a guy who took mag + weed and he hasn't stopped sneezing for 3 years and the dr said the combo is known to cause permanent sneezing disorder

  12. Yea I’ve heard about this with another mate of mine. Apparently they make cotton buds with the fur from drop bears that you can put up your nose that has been found to alleviate the disorder. Be careful OP 🙏🙏

  13. You’re passed the stretch phase I worry about that, I’d definitely get to plucking for better airflow and light penetration tho

  14. Nah I took mine to a Metallica concert, we had a great time 🤘

  15. Thx Papi I read the book when it came out long ago so excuse my memory but was he ever a Butcher? Or meat cutter apprentice? I seem to remember him learning to cut meat as a butcher along the way

  16. For the moment I can't dry anywhere else, my lights are still on, it's the only way to limit the smell

  17. String, pegs, and some darkness (and a small fan) is all you need fam

  18. You're exactly right... Thats how I dry mine as well (hang and then in the Brown bag or cardboard box 📦 for another 3-4 days)

  19. I’m about the same as OP, shoot for about half a pound per Auto, a full P for a photo. But I’m mega nerdy with all of my grows, I like to record all of my weights and data to see what I can do better next time/ how far I can push things/ where I went wrong. Love me some number crunching 😂😂

  20. Cheers! Nah these beans are from Sweet Seeds and Ethos. Got my hands on some Square 1 so they’re next up 🔥💪

  21. What in the actual fuck is this!!! This is my photo that I posted over 2 years ago!!! Almost the same heading as well except you’re a dyslexic fuck that wrote berak lol!!! Explain this you scumbag thief?

  22. Nah no idea fam, the internet is full of loose units

  23. I’m only seeing orange hairs, no spores from what I can see zooming in and stuff. I think your just being a lil paranoid. I don’t know if what you talking about that’s one of the biggest autos I’ve seen. I don’t grow autos much but it looks like you’ve done a fine job my friend. I don’t know how you guys get these autos so big, they only have a certain life span and go into flower when they want. How do you manage that for real? Im very interested because if I could grow em that big I’d switch to autos full time.

  24. Oh man this is definitely on the smaller side of the autos I’ve grown (haven’t grown a heap, I def prefer photo), I’ve done all my learning online. Google Nebula Haze or Auto Beast, they’ve got some great articles that have helped me heeeaps. Genetics have come so far over the years man, all this “you can’t top autos” talk is bullshit. Treat em mean, keep ‘em keen! Happy growing fam

  25. All I see are orange pistils matey, looks good to me so well done.

  26. Cheers mate, I think I need to get my eyes checked 😂

  27. That’s a bit worrying if you’re a seed bank and think this is a hermie:/

  28. We checked it out and it didn't match. Driveway on wrong side.

  29. I always think about the driveway thing… given how petrified the girls would have been, I always wonder whether they could’ve been disoriented and not to take that info as gospel

  30. Both of them? I think they must have been pretty sure about it to release it.

  31. Yea fair call, I double question everything about this case

  32. I believe you have a bad case of Tarantula Fanganitus :(

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