Flat earth believer trying to explain how it works

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  1. I had one of my good friends friend actually do it. It’s all he does install air ride on chargers and challengers. It was roughly 4700 with labor

  2. Without pics there’s no way to tell. I’ve never seen meat go moldy that fast. To me it sounds like you got hit with the dry age funk. What did the mold look like?

  3. Because the first mod will be (how to make my V6 sound like a V8)

  4. If the earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.

  5. Where’d you get the license plate mount? Looks perfect

  6. I have a 2021 Widebody Hellcat. I’ve been thinking about putting those fog lights on her. I had a 2021 Widebody ScatPack and I put the sequential fog lights on the ScatPack (it’s on my YT channel) but you gotta remove that front license plate. Looks terrible, a muscle car shouldn’t have a license plate.

  7. Agreed on the front plate, but I’m not willing to catch a ticket for it. The few times I ran without it, I got pulled over and ticketed.

  8. It’s a multicolored one right?! It brings attention and the young crowd love it, definitely something cool for car shows. Would love if they also had another mode allowing u to control the overall brightness.

  9. It’s actually a full RGB setup, full color wheel, brightness adjustments and even a mode to show different patterns (light shows if you will). It’s really nice and is much better than the old school neon ones we used to use back in the 90s

  10. For the front plate I use a STO N SHO mounting bracket, it goes under the bumper and can be removed at any time with the pull of a pin. I live in a two plate state and told them at time of purchase I would walk away from the deal if they drilled the front plate in.

  11. I immediately got rid of my stock Pirellis and put on Michelin AS4….I’m about 10k miles in and they are fantastic. If/when I get another set of wheels I’m going to get the summer versions.

  12. Mainly I use chemical guys, and I’m actually not sure what my detailer uses if I’m going to be completely honest.

  13. Resolution is crap. Was there one in the chamber?

  14. Kinda doesn’t matter, it should always be treated as such lolamirite?

  15. That’s what you ordered… you should have said medium but if you order Medium rare you going to get it a bit redder or a bit over… good looking hanger steak and the meat on them is a bit darker

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