1. well before you even try doing what you were gonna do first at least try to tell him. its a last ditch effort to save yourself. But that is if you are serious about this post

  2. He left me today for unknown reasons. I'm definitely gone tonight

  3. i know this may not be the best decision in the world but have you considered telling him that you cheated, there are some relationships that have been saved by just telling the truth. Im not saying that you have to but just think about it.

  4. No, this one isn't going to be saved by me doing that. I'll have lost everyone. He's currently the only person I have left

  5. Leave him!!!! A reaction like that over Internet strangers shows a guilty conscience. He's probably cheating and trying to get you to move out so he can cheat freely.

  6. I wonder how the Charmon bears will present this in their commercials

  7. Nooooooo, this brought back a story by some demetri dude wrote about this. I didn't want to remember that again.

  8. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’m sorry for what you’re feeling. People come and go and some may leave you with hurt. I like to think it’s a blessing that someone really shows you their true colours; good or bad. I don’t want you losing hope for everyone though. You’ve learnt a lesson, and although it’s painful, you’ll be more equipped to tackle the next shit sandwich life will throw at you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Seek help if you feel you can’t cope (You can you even talk to me if you need!). I wish you all the best! And I’m sorry again for everyone that has left a scar on you.

  9. One of my best friends left me after a silly argument, which I worsened by saying extremely hurtful things hours after the fact. He sent me a message saying its better if we part ways here.

  10. I would give yourself and your friend some time to process what happened. Mean words and insults sting hard in the moment, and people make rash decisions. We are all humans though and that’s a natural reaction. Work on yourself for now and reach out to them further down the line (They may even reach out before you). As they say; time is the best healer of wounds.

  11. Yes, I sent him panicky messages afterwards and he said he when he has the mental capacity, maybe we can talk about it. I'm scared talking about it is still going to lead to an end though

  12. Exactly like any ghost would! Scare them, make their life hell.

  13. I have a feeling that a popular comment is going to be that scene from Titanic where they stand at that... part of the ship, with her arms outstretched and looking at the sunset.

  14. wow that's a long list. This is gonna be my playlist now. Thank you.

  15. a movie that i was surprised by, expecting just another horror but was surprised in a good way

  16. Well my bank balance is negative so... but I'd ask my parents for money and I'd go live it up

  17. I look at the last wipe, when it feels clean already. And then I go shower

  18. This makes it sound like you shower everytime you poop or you only ever poop when you're about to take a shower

  19. She got married and had a baby, and she has a career, and she religious. I can't even maintain a relationship, hate children, have no career and atheistic.

  20. Your relationship has trust issues that need to be worked on.

  21. Depression is long term and no amount of rest fixes it.

  22. My youth. I'm still young but that innocence of being even younger was absolutely amazing.

  23. Excuse me but I'm a guy and have luscious lips, once even described not so politically correctly as "a black man's lips" 😂

  24. Very interesting! If I were single, I'd set out to find a thick lipped dude to kiss because it's apparently rare XD

  25. I wanted to be a pilot, but I couldn't because I can't afford the training costs.

  26. Yes!! That is the adventure of a lifetime and my entire goal for life right now is have as many adventures as possible. I would do it without hesitating.

  27. OK, thanks because I didn't wanna break up or anything I'm just feeling very overwhelmed

  28. Treat yourself :) snacks, a movie, get comfy, and chill

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