2. if we make Trump tell this to his supporters, I'd bet you 100%, they will all jump.

  3. The fact that he got slapped instead of punched and slapped multiple times until he was on the floor is so much more humiliating.

  4. Ya knowing he could have ended this guy. Slaps were him holding back.

  5. It was a mixture of punches and slaps. The initial hit was a punch.

  6. That’s Bradley Martyn and it’s his gym in LA I think.

  7. Well this must be an old video. Because this guy definitely looks smaller than Bradley Martyn. Way smaller

  8. This almost has to be a dorsal or caudal fin.

  9. I think that was actually the water. They were yelling about the current, and you can see the waves in the water a little but. I don't think that was a a fin. And none of them seen a shark at that point.

  10. Uhm excuse me Jesus. But wouldn't that still make him a slut if you used your bareback dick to breed him? It would make him a celestial slut.

  11. I straight up thought this was a slide from Too Many Cooks

  12. I never knew their names and I have only seen The Office twice.

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