1. Looks like a misfire. Isn’t it supposed to come up around the neck?

  2. He was my best friend. He has an undiagnosed heart issue and when he was in the bath his heart gave out. He fell under the water and drowned.

  3. My then work paid for mine so I was very fortunate. It's not the most relevant for my current job but I did have to have a degree level qualification so it helped to actually get my job. I'm happy with my salary.

  4. When he gets the postcard that says "don't enter 1408," he actually adds the numbers up and writes 13 underneath. We literally see him doing the math.

  5. Doesn't he also make a sarcastic comment about it adding up to 13?

  6. Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced by a lookalike.

  7. Don't take advice from strangers on the internet. Seriously though, try to have someone you can talk to about what's going on with you, and be that person to someone else.

  8. Did OP know that the driver was recently gunned down?

  9. Both the mother and child survived. The driver got 7 months in juvie and then shot and killed when he was released

  10. I got a job working in a fast food place when I was at school. On my first day the manager said he expected me (and everyone else) to work two hours extra without being paid as we're all 'a family' and I said that wouldn't be possible. He yelled at me in front of everyone so I did an about turn and walked straight out of there.

  11. 120+ only one person is recorded as getting to that age,

  12. When my youngest brother was 4 he got hit by a lorry (he's fine now) and he wouldn't talk for months while he was in the hospital. One time when we were visiting him my older brother wiggled his ears without touching them and my younger brother started to laugh and said, 'that's very funny, how do you do that?' and that was him talking again.

  13. It's boring but I'm really good with Excel. Not many people where I work are so when you can do more than basic level stuff with it at my work they think you're some kind of wizard.

  14. It is a thing but it has been delayed a few times for a few reasons so production still hasn't started.

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