1. tf2 furry servers are so good if you just want a chill casual experience. they don't have people spamming slurs like in skial servers, they're well moderated, and everyone there is so nice. as long as you can get past the occasional yiff spray and/or discussion on which pokémon is the most fuckable.

  2. in terms of skill, it's less than uncletopia where everyone has a stick up their ass, but still an actual challenge unlike casual.

  3. I have trapped my self in a perpetual hell of being called a “microcelebrity”

  4. ikr my insane ramblings have had a horse head inside my pillow inst that insane +. wmaing

  5. they're mostly inside the game's asset files, use a tool like uTiny to unpack them. make sure to also check if they're populated when that instance is created, cause that could be a possibility

  6. Thanks! That's what I understood from the documentation.

  7. that's really weird... if the game you're extracting is too large, there are some alternatives to uTiny, albeit mostly paid ones. there's gotta be some weird bug in uTiny or something.

  8. This is different dimension me, click me to go the website to do this

  9. me drawing my wojaks on the busjak to my apartmentjak and i can be hugpilled for my wifecel

  10. Reddit users when they play weezer on loop at night all year so they can flex on strangers online

  11. one piece review: it takes 1000 episodes (accurate) to get to the transgender arc. 3/10

  12. yeah but it takes only a couple of episodes to get to zoro so therefore its actually 10/10

  13. i'm gay and homosexual and awesome. this guy will be evaporated by high speed railcannon

  14. yes i slither around in the forest it quells the urges and look at me I'm still girlbossing

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