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  1. It was a prediction of what a supermarket would be in 20 years! They figured there would be kids everywhere with smartphones posting to TikTok… /s

  2. I thought it was the pilot stepping out 💀

  3. Fun fact: the combined net worth of these 5 people plus all commenters of this post fell by $300 billion.

  4. The post is comparing the paper gains that were lost from the max. That means you need to count all times that commenters bought FDs, had the value go through the roof, and then didn’t sell. I bet we could collectively account for >$1B in losses!

  5. All bears want is the collapse of society. Is that really too much to ask?

  6. I get that it’s a meme but how’d they calculate those odds? Number of collided bullets they found divided by total shot or something?

  7. What’s great is when you make a perfect prediction but still lose money because of IV crush. Took me a while to figure out how to avoid that lol 😂

  8. Lmao I love how anytime I see these, they are dated just before they bounced back. I mean they’re all still steaming piles of investment grade shit but it’s exaggerating significantly.

  9. I mean they’re probably all racist(at least one literally said so) but Islam isn’t a race. It’s a religion. You can become a Muslim no matter your race.

  10. Well only two characters are animals and only one couldn’t even be bothered to learn “installed language pack” so I’m going with Hammond. Just look at that face. So punchable!

  11. Homemade edibles are the worst for this. The first batch I made I really screwed up and didn’t feel a thing even after many servings. The second time I thought it happened again so I took a few “servings”. That’s a very loose term as I had no idea what the dosages were…and holy crap. No joke I was baked for over a full day. I could barely pick myself up off the floor and just felt awful. I can’t recommend it.

  12. Depends on if it stains but you could probably wash it off once the dog gets used to not chewing on it.

  13. Good reminder to just move on and don’t confront. Doesn’t really matter if the facts are on your side if some crazy nut job is looking to kill you. Dead is dead.

  14. I would need some serious FU money before I’d even consider that. Like that’s considerably more expensive than my car 🤯

  15. I did this to my nice skullcandies while hammering a metal rod with a sledgehammer 😢

  16. Sucks that’s Bolt just got scammed out of his money. Hope he’s able to recover some/most of it! I always feel a bit for athletes that front-load their lives earnings and either blow the cash or lose it.

  17. It’s not that steep but there’s a run near me called RTS which is pretty damn steep. It’s a double black diamond and back when I was young and dumb we would absolutely bomb it 😂

  18. Omg. I think they thought it was a hit and run. White shirt dude was like “shit that sucks” and then he hears the door open. I can only imagine how much his heart sank.

  19. Makes me miss the early days when it was super OP. Then again we had to train troops so nerfed clock is still great.

  20. I don’t think we’ll ever get realistic timeframes from Elon so it’s not even worth following. I really want V11 but not if it would come at the price of safety. No need to get the NHTSA coming in and screwing up everything because we were impatient…

  21. That’s a future surgeon right there!

  22. To save face, Russia has begun an invasion of Iran. Putin knows that Iran never gave up it’s nuclear program and is trying to provoke a response. He knows they’ll have to sneakily use their nukes so he’ll be able to blame it on NATO and he’ll respond with limited strikes in Ukraine. Everyone will be left scratching their heads wondering WTF just happened letting Russia escape relatively unscathed.

  23. It’s like suspiciously well timed 😂

  24. Did you try making it? Making it properly actually takes a bit of skill due to the nature of aged cheeses like Parmesan and pecorino. You need to heat the cheeses enough to get the proteins to stop clumping and coat the pasta but it’s pretty easy to overshoot and have the cheeses denature and then permanently clump.

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