1. OMG Larry's character is cute.

  2. I mean, I don't think that's her character, exactly. She's imagining the OTHERS and hasn't gotten around to imagining herself

  3. Finally we enter the world of imagination! Fuck yes, I've been waiting so long for this!!

  4. I legitimately don't think Eugene has enough empathy to convincingly imitate Julia

  5. Lol, well, it doesn't SEEM that convincing, unless Julia happens to be a consequentualist sociopath also

  6. She is True Neutral after all. She goes both ways.

  7. Hahahaha! Maaaaan, Noah HAAAATEs secrets so bad!

  8. I love the 3-1-3 layout today. That long panel is VERY cool

  9. Easy it's not in the top 25 if you've actually watched NJPW for more than the Elite era.

  10. The author is sharing the stats on the matches, but not his personal rankings-- the rankings are based on Cagematch voters. And sure, no doubt there's some recency bias there

  11. Why would the length of wait have ANYTHING to do with it. It's a single page of a comic book!

  12. What exactly is happening in the second panel?

  13. That is an actual cutaway to Magus, yes.

  14. I feel like the only real monsters we've ever encountered in this comic were people.

  15. She has to be the trainee that Agent Wolf mentioned on the phone, since he said that he didn't understand how her hair worked.

  16. Based on this data, how long until the 7th volume is complete?

  17. Based on this data, volume 6 averaged about 7 days between pages and took about 5 years to complete. If Volume 7 were to be about the same length and IF the length of time between pages continues growing at the same approximate rate, I'd eyeball that rate as ending up averaging about half the speed: about a page every 14 days. That would lead to taking approximately 10 years total, or 8 years from now. But the last volume will likely be longer even than that, so maybe more like 10 years from now.

  18. Hint….going with the third option is more often the right one to go with.

  19. In Denver while helping agent Wolf? Or do you mean instead of that?

  20. Option 1 sort of seems basically accurate. Monster is perhaps a bit harsh for the Magus, but they're a pretty dangerous person and it does seem like Raven and Abraham have been enlisted to hunt them down.

  21. Yeah, I'm curious if he's calling it option 3 just for the clarification that Magus (while yes created by the Diamond and potentially dangerous) is not actually a curse monster

  22. Glad she concluded correctly. No need to have a fakeout twist

  23. Already doing the whole "someone using deduction on the whole Ellen enigma and drawing the wrong conclusions" thing in NP rn lol

  24. I think it's interesting how George and Diane are making deductions regarding the same enigma, and Diane's conclusions are SO MUCH more correct, based on a little more accurate input info

  25. That's what FBI want him for. Raven might not even know of Magus' existence.

  26. "Might"? Sure. But I don't personally have any remaining doubts that Adrian and Abraham are the two deputies who are with Agent Wolf on the Magus observation mission

  27. I'm pretty sure Raven doesn't work with FBI ever. His relationships with Edward are bitter. And Arthur wanted to deport him to Russia for faking his age.

  28. Those are the reasons I doubted it, too. That and the fact he had classes to teach. But then it turned out he had retired and left town! And there isn't another option really that fits as the second deputy, when we know it's someone who it's possible to guess (so not just a new character).

  29. I just want to say I'm REALLY liking the art showing Noah and Diane visualizing Noah's explanations: Pandora with villagers and pitchforks today, and the Unwaking Wolf on Wednesday. Very cool stuff

  30. That page doesn't give us anything specific; it's werewolves in general, Pandora uses the plural. There could well have been another argument.

  31. I don't think that's likely. They don't tend to get together and chat. After Sister 2 when she visits him in the hospital, he says he hasn't seen her in many years. After New and Old Flames Adrian incorrectly jumps to the conclusion that his mother had been behind Dex. This conversation in Sister 3 is clearly the first chance he's had to accuse her of this.

  32. there was evidance backing she was behind Dex, the amulet that "Empowered" him had a pithos on it. (pithos is what was incorrectly translated as box is the popular translation of Pandora's myth)

  33. It's later revealed that Voltaire was actually behind Dex. His goal with Dex was to get magic to consider changing AND traumatizing the seer by getting his best friend Elliot killed. Why he'd want to frame Pandora was never 100% clear.

  34. I don't want to jump to conclusions... It's quite possible this flashback is not leading into seeing what either or both (probably both) of these characters are up to now. Could just as easily be to set up someone talking about either or both. But that's not the way I'm betting!!

  35. webcomic time is always sorta inherently funky, but it still kinda sent me for a loop to see the narration say this was "last year", and then the actual page it's a flashback to is from over a decade ago, pre-2010 even

  36. Barely over a year has passed in-comic since page 1, over 20 IRL years ago!

  37. I wonder if, in typical Bard fashion, Larry will roll another natural 1... but have so many bonuses to the roll that she success anyways.

  38. I think it's established that they use the autofail on nat1 rules at this table. And they've done enough Nat 1 jokes at this point!

  39. Wtf do you mean "canon"? The DC Universe doesn't have one single canon!

  40. That doesn't MEAN anything. There are literally hundreds of valid canons with DC's characters!

  41. Nah...still got Santino over Umaga before this.

  42. We do this Roundtable every week, each writer talking about what they thought the BEST of AEW was in some chosen aspect over the past week.

  43. She is VERY happy to hear that "not acting stuff out at all" is an option!

  44. Roy, you don't need to ignore all the new allies you found and planning you've been doing! At-will antimagic counts for a lot!

  45. Holy shit, that's a fantastic point. They have a beholder on their side

  46. Well, there's a cat(alina) who knows who Cheerleadra is, maybe she's looking into some of her other friends as well?

  47. Interesting point. We know three characters with cat girl powers, is full cat possible?

  48. I’ll put money on The Elite winning the next two. But I would like to see a best of 7 not go 7.

  49. Yeah, Craig (who does these stats) is of the opinion it will be kinda dry, when we "know who's going to win" for the next two matches. I (who posted this because he doesn't Reddit and if he tries posting things they get taken down as spam) feel like sudden death hanging over their heads will be exciting, even if we know an early end to the series that prevents a ladder match from happening is unlikely

  50. Usually with these kinds of stats there are so many variables that are different, in a best of series like this, it's really cool to make comparisons between matches where so much is the same.

  51. Are you sure? They seem pretty ready to move on to MJF vs Danielson to me

  52. Yep. But that doesn’t mean Starks vs MJF is over today. Stories can go on for years and pick up after some time apart. Look at Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi. Their partnership/rivalry lasted years and involved breaks that never took away from that original story. Same here. This is just one chapter, not the entire book.

  53. Well, that's true, it's always possible they could pick up this feud again later, especially considering how fire their dueling promos were last week, especially Ricky's.

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