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  1. What camera settings did you use and what lens/focal length?

  2. X-T3 is amazing bang for your buck right now imho. Awesome camera and prices in the used market have gone way down.

  3. How much would you pay for a used one in USD? Looking at some now

  4. Need help deciding between the Fuji XT20, XT30, XT2, XT3, Sony a6100, or a6400 . I'm looking for a lightweight, portable camera that I can use for traveling. I mainly want to shoot nature, like landscapes (and possibly wildlife), but I'm also interested in architecture, portraits, product photography, food, still life, and occasionally would like to do macro and astrophotography. I would also like to give event and concert photography a try but these wouldn't be my main areas and would only do it very rarely. Aside from nature photography, I also want to start my own product photography business and have been shooting on a Nikon D7100 for a while now, but it's super bulky for traveling.

  5. are you willing to sell it. I like the artsy look?

  6. not trying to be rude just wondering if you're genuinely serious

  7. How'd you do this, did you just put a chain on it?

  8. I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me, but I read a textbook in high school. I could not get enough of it. Filled to the brim with every in and out of settings, as well as the rich history of photography. Taught me all I knew for a while, cause lord knows the teacher didn't lol.

  9. Is the app working for you? I can’t message people correctly, keep getting status error 403

  10. Thanks I'll check it out! I'm going on a trip soon so it should serve me well

  11. anyone know why all the comments in his face reveal video are the same??

  12. I was wondering that too. Maybe a community joke or trend I missed? I never really watched his stuff.

  13. Same i was confused. I speculate his fans are spamming that to drown out all of the hate and hurtful comments people are making about his appearance, but idk

  14. Does it have any difficulty focusing at infinity? And how does it hold up compared to the Tokina 11-20 f2.8?

  15. I have had both lenses but not at the same time.

  16. Those are really great shots, I love the first one especially. I found an 11-16 at a great price so I think as long as I focus in liveview it should be fine. That is, if I'm having difficulty in infinity. Ideally I'd go for the 11-20 but its more expensive. I'm debating between the Tokina 11-16 for $160 or the Samyang for $80. I can't recall if the Samyang has trouble at infinity

  17. Thanks I'm gonna pass on the Nikon 28mm. The Tokina 11-20mm looks good but the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 is cheaper, what are your thoughts on this lens?

  18. Should've added: I'm not trying to do anything to crazy with astrophotography, just need a good lens that'll get the shot when I'm out camping/traveling

  19. Should've added: I'm not trying to do anything to crazy with astrophotography, just need a good lens that'll get the shot when I'm out camping/traveling

  20. Can someone explain the Deftones TikTok fandom???

  21. Excellent photo! How do you avoid camera shake at 200m? I'm having trouble with that when I'm not using a tripod

  22. I'm having the same problem, did you ever fix it? I also have Samsung, but the galaxy s20 fe 5g.

  23. I did not i learned if you take screenshots of the pictrues in your gallery you can post them one at a time.

  24. I fixed it, try restarting your phone, uninstalling the app, turn off wifi, re installing, make a new account or use a different account with a different email, and try then. You should now be able to add images on either account

  25. Making Christmas crafts so you parents can hang it on the fridge

  26. Non-linear storytelling, morally gray characters, and twist endings

  27. Also not telling creators why their videos got demonetized

  28. Accurate, Jake Gyllenhaal is still a great actor tho

  29. Could anyone tell me what's the name of the pattern on those beach shirts? I've always found to be sick as fuck

  30. I think they're called Hawaiian or Tropical Shirts

  31. Damn, I didn't know mullets were still a thing

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