What famous place is not worth visiting?

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  1. Dog poo is toxic for the local biodiversity and effects our wildlife. You can buy biodegradable poop bags. That's what we do for our dog. Rather pay the extra for poop bags that won't kill the earth.

  2. I have an intolerance to onion and soya. Made it quite hard to eat out, eat at other people's house's and eat on the road when working.

  3. If I call a Pittbull a “bully” it’s more cute

  4. Pitbulls don't exist in the UK. As mentioned in the title, this is the UK.This is one of many bully breeds here that's been ruined.

  5. Japanese knotweed. A house we went to see ticked every single box and we couldn't figure out why it was still on the market. Heard through the grapevine (small town) that there was knotweed on the survey.

  6. I've been inspired to go watch 10 Things I Hate About You. Can't put my finger on why...

  7. Water first, because I measure how much I want to add by how it blends with the water. We're the correct ones IMO.

  8. If you're wondering what to do with all that excess plastic wrapping, try making some

  9. That's fennel! We grow it and use it as an onion alternative in our meals as I'm sadly onion intolerant. It's tasty!

  10. 32! Together for 5 years and yes I know that's not a lifetime but we got married this year so we certainly plan on it!

  11. I've been to the US once and spent almost the entire trip feeling/being ill after every meal.

  12. I think Kernel do a Sabro IPA. If you just look out for anything labelled as having Sabro. It’s quite divisive so it’s pretty common for brewers to label it front and centre.

  13. Perfect! Thank you! I'll keep my eyes peeled! I'm still figuring out my preferences so it's handy having an idea of the kind of hops I enjoy!

  14. Interesting story behind her voice. The actress came up with it about a second before they started filming (or rehearsing, I can’t remember). She walked in, and something in her brain just told her to talk like that for the character. Worked quite well.

  15. She's sounds just like the guy from only fools and horses

  16. Don't get me wrong, I watch a lot of Star Trek, so I don't mind seven series each with 20+ episodes.

  17. Oh I had no idea Doctor Who had moved in that direction! But it explains why, after a lifetime of never missing an episode, I kinda just forgot it was on each week and have no desire to continue watching it.

  18. I'm a female sparky (electrician) and I'm contracting at a factory today where a male member of staff just said "Oh are you one of those independent women Beyonce is always on about?"

  19. Oh, don't worry! I did let his manager know and SHE was not impressed! I think she already had a feeling about him. She didn't seem that surprised, more grateful someone had reported it.

  20. Friends have just spent thousands for a cavapoo puppy. They're sweet and cute and don't shed hair so I see why if you have money. But fancy dog breeds are very popular and I think some breeders are quite unscrupulous. Shelter dogs can be difficult but also lovely

  21. The thing a lot of people don't realise is that they are still very likely to malt and cause allergies. Oh and be a nightmare to brush and keep clean!

  22. Oh hell naw, I worked there for 7 years and we had some REALLY BAD movies come through. I was well known for telling customers "please for the love of God don't rent that. Get this one instead," and hand them an actually decent movie in the same genre. My specialty was mostly horror, but also action and some drama. It didn't take long for the regulars to hollar out "this one any good, girl!?" Before I'd reply "IT SUCKED!"

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