1. There are ways to try expressing yourself I'm genderfluid as well an have found options to make me feel affirmed in my own ways sometimes I still feel dysphoric but if or when you feel people are safe to tell people will hopefully address you the way you want at that time also Packers an binders are ways to express yourself an along with your hair it won't always be perfect but sometimes just affirming yourself until you are comfortable telling others

  2. I feel that, I used to think that I went through all the labels I could find and none of them seemed to fit me. There was a whole when I thought that I was just broken. But now I've decided not to label my gender, people can use whatever pronouns they want for me and I'm going to dress however I want. I found that just that has helped me, and now I'm a whole lot less stressed out and anxious about it. I hope you find something that feels good for you!

  3. I kind of feel the same way, but I just hate that people will still see me as a girl, when I'm not a girl. That just annoys me.

  4. I always enjoy these pics of figures like Pokemon etc. arrayed in perfect ranks like little Roman Legionnaires. It's like they are preparing for a Lord of the Rings battlefield or getting ready to sack a city.

  5. I used to own that poliwhirl figure when I was a wee kid and it bothered me that one of his arms was glued to his mouth :(

  6. (I used a base to help me draw it, just so I knew how to draw a wolf. Don't attack me pls!)

  7. I can't listen to music for too long. It irritates my tinnitus 😦

  8. I have is reactive tinnitus. It's when sound irritates my tinnitus and raise it up to compete with the sound. I'm trying sound therapy to to reduce it .

  9. I do the exact same thing! I get insecure over my partner's ex-girlfriends, either appearance-wise, artistic abilities, age, etc. I think a lot of it comes from curiosity, we wanna know what went wrong what they they didn't like about them, because we ultimately want our outcome to be different. I think it's best to remember that an ex-girlfriend is just that--an ex, a part of the past. Your boyfriend chose you because he wants you. Don't feel crazy for stalking her social media or thinking about her, because we've all been there (some of us are still there). Maybe it would help to bring it up to your partner and tell them about your insecurities because at the end of the day it's their job to support you. It takes time to get over these things, but it will get better :)

  10. I thought I found one, but it was your post. 😅 I only find posts about exes stalking them but never them stalking back like your story.. I'm sorry :(

  11. I'm not sure what my real first trigger was, but here are 2 things that might be the first one.

  12. I feel the exact same.way! I'm also in a long term relationship with my bf and I love him so so much, but I also want to have more experience with females.. I totally understand how you feel.

  13. I used bircurious on myself for a while, because I was questioning my sexuality. I wasn't sure if I liked women sexually or just romantically and I didn't know I was a valid bisexual if I was only biromantic. I don't really hate the term, but I should have used questioning more than bircurious

  14. I have not tried dating a virgin, but I saw a video about someone explain RJ and he said that you'll find something no matter what. People they kissed or had a crush on, texts with girl-friends etc. Every small thing can trigger RJ and it's horrible...

  15. But I feel like dating a virgin might be less bad than dating a non virgin in someway? Like it would still be bad but less bad? might save you from more mental turmoil? Idk tho

  16. I understand you. I have no idea, it might be less bad I don't know

  17. i have the same thought. she is blocked on every social media I have yet i still have daydreams of unblocking her and stalking her to no end, finding out where she lives, and even catfishing her online to maybe learn even more about her. its an insane and unproductive thought that benefits me in no way what so ever. it is the same for you. nothing about this benefits you and makes you a better person. you can resist. you can do this. you have strength. im glad you are getting EMDR. i might get the same treatment for my rj since literally everything remotely related can be a huge trigger for me. usually things surrounding sex.

  18. I do this too, but not even with my current boyfriends ex. It’s my ex boyfriends ex. RJ to the max man. Living in a small town doesn’t help. I honestly doubt she’d even know who I was to bump into me, but I know every detail of her life. Definitely not good.

  19. So many triggers... The first letter of their name, just their whole name, certain animals, certain cars, place where they live, puzzles, Pinterest, the place where my bf lived before, certain people (not only the ex themselves) and so many more. Worst part is, many things are just there in my life and I can't do anything about them, but face them...

  20. I told my Psychologist about me possibly having OCD and she said it's not really OCD for me, but it might be my autism. I'm autistic too and she said many people first get diagnosed with OCD and later on with autism. (Not everyone of course!!) But I still think I have RJ OCD. I mean that is not my autism being 'weird'

  21. When you're having thoughts about your boyfriend liking her more than you because she has an opposite set of features physically or aesthetically speaking, have you taken a look at your own history? Did every guy you ever dated, slept with, or had some kind of relationship with look nearly identical? It's unlikely.

  22. Wow.. you're totally right. My bf had a gf for 2 weeks and slept with her a few times and when I asked him: "Were you really in love with her or did you just want sex?" He said he didn't really like her and just wanted to do it.. I never realized it was a 'normal' thing for men.

  23. It helps to know someone else feels the same, thats why I came on here to just vent hopefully to people who understand, because I get it sounds pretty crazy to people who don’t experience it. I hope we can both learn to cope with these feelings 💗

  24. Ultimately, to heal, you will need to face your thoughts, feel the anxiety they cause, and just wait and watch as your anxiety rises and then eventually falls. Using ERP under a therapists guidance will help you learn that you can’t control your thoughts, but you can learn to control compulsions, that anxiety won’t kill you, and you can take action in alignment with your values even if you are experiencing intrusive thoughts.

  25. For me, anything that helps boost my self-esteem, increases good chemicals in the brain, and can distract my brain for long periods of time is great. Lifting weights and listening to podcasts about personal interests, canyoneering, building things, being involved in activities with friends, traveling.

  26. I love your outfit and hair! You look beautiful! And omg I love Hello Kitty!! 😍

  27. Here's an update: Yesterday my bfs ex texted me. She told me to read a message to my bf, so I did. She even said maybe we all can become friends. My bf talked to me today and said: "I don't really care. I don't need to be friends again, but if you want to be friends, you do whatever you want to do." So he basically said I'm allowed to be friends with his exes?? I think?? So idk what I'm supposed to feel now. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My brain is confused. It's a mess. I'm not going to text his exes randomly, but if they text me I will still answer them.. just to be friendly

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