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  1. can they see the war with russia is hurting baby musk's aluminum import? you gotta think about the billionaires and not inconvenient them with your silly stuff like protect your sovereignty! /s

  2. you dont need bad economy for idiots to YOLO their life savings into the next scam; people are idiots even in good economy for a quick buck.

  3. "What amount of manipulation creates an endorsement" is probably an important question to answer.

  4. probably will turn into the same situation as "what amount of lobbying creates a bribery"

  5. i mean that’s pretty much conservatism, it is always someone else’s fault.

  6. Guilting people whose footprint is a daily car commute while we’ve got something like 100 corporations responsible for 70% of greenhouse gases and motherfuckers with private jets flying every damn where.

  7. but cars are directly responsible for your local air pollution; shutting down all polluting corporations is not gonna help the smog in your city.

  8. I like Rogers Park, it’s a fun, affordable, and unique neighborhood with lots of variety and is right next to the beach. Amazing.

  9. they did named atlanta as #1, so there goes that credibility

  10. Isn’t stewing just mixing vegetables and meats together to make soups? If so, why is it less healthy?

  11. vitamin tends to get obliterated in high temperature; also stew meat and bone takes a long time and usually very very high in cholesterol

  12. and you are gonna hear people said “if you call around you are going to find a dealer willing to sell at MSRP 5000 miles away!”

  13. you know we deal with such users? straight forward to their direct manager for clarification and cc them on it so they know it went up the chain.

  14. "the engineers will maintain the servers right?"

  15. The nursing profession has a higher likelihood of being exposed to violence or assault than police officers and prison guards. I think I read something like 1 in 4 nurses have been the victim of assault in the workplace.

  16. the obvious solution is to arm the nurses too! /s

  17. again, i have every confidence on the chinese built EV hardware quality, the software on the other hand not so much...

  18. it is very true. i have a brother printer that is reliable and easy to use, exactly like my model y.

  19. you have an android phone dont you? my s9 is pretty notorious at killing the tesla app...

  20. Jeremy Clarkson set out to build an even smaller car. In my opinion, that was the funniest segment in Top Gear history.

  21. democrats believed republicans dont value democracy because republicans tried to overthrow the presidential election result; republicans believed democrats dont value democracy because republicans think anything against them is against democracy. they are not the same.

  22. you can but i dont recommend it if you dont live near a train stop and grocery store... you do not want to walk through ankle deep snow while carrying grocery...

  23. we have no gun problem! none so whatsoever! it just spread more freedom! /s

  24. more electric car is always better, but fix the beaver teeth grill, come on bmw.

  25. From the article: "Cook County property owners would be asked to pay about $1.50 more a month in taxes toward the preserves, which became a haven during the pandemic."

  26. $1.5 more a month in tax just means $1.5 more a month going to pension and police settlement. i dont believe a cent will go to the forest preserve; this is cook county we are talking about.

  27. If you followed the link in the article to the ballot referendum you would have seen that the tax money goes to the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. I copied the referendum below:

  28. if it is passed, cook county board could simply reduce the forest preserve budget by the same amount. i want to see a guarantee and signed legal document from cook county board that they will continue to increase forest preserve budget in the future.

  29. i get cast iron wok, but i prefer my stainless steel one.

  30. if you are waiting for a sale to buy something, that is something you don't need.

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